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2 600w or 1 1000w

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by watsupbud, Jul 19, 2013.


    watsupbud Active Member

    Which would I yield more off of? I will be using raptor 8s.

    zem Well-Known Member

    2 600w will definitely yield more

    computergroove Active Member

    unless you had 1 1000 watt ballast with a y splitter for 2 600 watt bulbs. Then you wouldn't gain anything.

    watsupbud Active Member

    anybody else have any ideas on this?

    wyteberrywidow Global

    I'm having the same problem deciding which way to go myself.
    Question what space are you lighting over?
    Bigger than 5x5 go with the 2x600s.

    watsupbud Active Member

    whats the light foot print on 2x600w using raptor 8s

    watsupbud Active Member

    • whats the light foot print on 2x600w using raptor 8s​


    wyteberrywidow Global

    Tbh Idont know and didn't really follow the whole footprint because I use tents so all the light is bouncing right back down.

    What are you growing in? Tent,sealed room,closet?
    I would choose the 2x6's for needed coverage so say 5x5 space or bigger i would go with the 2 but if im in anything smaller the 1k would do the job

    Like i

    theexpress Well-Known Member

    with those big ass hoods I would follow a 4 x 4 blueprint for ever 600 watter and raptor hood... keep them closer to ur plants then u would a 1000 watter.... also grow smaller plants or top and train the shit out ur plants.. thinker wider over taller

    rwbrock Active Member

    Also you can mix spectrum with two and get one HPS one MH....
    sky rocket

    sky rocket Well-Known Member

    I run 2x600 magnum xxxl over a 3x6 tray. I prefer 2x600's

    GiantSteps Active Member

    2 600w lights will do considerably better than 1 1000w. Not only are we talking more watts (1200 over 1000), but two lights give better coverage - and the light from the two overlap, increasing the intensity.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    What size area?
    Raptor 8's are to big for tents 5x5 or less and 8in is overkill big time for anything less the 1kwatts.
    If running a square area - run a square hood.
    The sun system from sunlight supply BLOCKBUSTER 6 is listed as perfect for a 4x4, yet I run them in 5x5's with 1k's and am beyond happy with results.
    My Veg tents run 2 600's with blazer 6 hoods, again from sunlight supply and those are 4x8 darkrooms.
    If your running indica's in a 4x8 your going to do ok with 2 600s. But if your running mixed breeds or pure sativa's jump to 1k's as those are light hogs and to get max output you'll need the 1k's.
    If your running a square tent/area jump straight to digital ballast 1k's, cause well,,,you can always turn them down for veg or just run at 75% if it burns your girls.
    Anyway the more lumins the better the yield is going to be either way.

    As for the 8in diam. unless your running more then 4 1k's inline. your just wasting money!
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    Nizza Well-Known Member

    2x600w > 1000w because the lumen to watt ratio on 600's is better

    smokeytokeybear Well-Known Member

    with two 600s your getting more points of light, and i believe its more energy efficient

    edgooch Member

    in a 5x5 tent would a 1000w cause heat issues with a 6 inch duct fan?
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    12Kwatts = 12 100w light bulbs burning at once.
    1K watt = 10 light bulbs burning at once.

    Now, where is the "savings"?

    OK, I run 5x5 tents for a perpetual harvest with 1K digital ballasts and I can still "burn" my girls depending on what I'm running in that tent. I can reduce my wattage as needed and that is still reaching peak effect for exceptional outputs.

    I have other area's that run 2 1K's on a "racetrack" (light mover) that keep my full size plant's at peak, no shadow.

    The real point is what size area is he going to be working and the goal of that (or any) grow is to produce a premium product at the lowest cost.

    2 600's in anything but a 4x8 is simply overkill in the cost to benefit equation !

    Why? Because I can produce, on average, more dry product in 250 sq ft (5x5x8) with 1Kw then I can in 350sq ft (4x8x8) with 2 600w at a lower cost!
    The method you use x the nutrients x the media, makes all the world of difference to the final quality, period.

    I prep my own soils, split my grows 1/2 pure organic using my own tea formula's and half a mix of synthetic and organic alternating daily.
    This comes from decade's of experience and experimenting. Keep DETAILED note's on everything you do and review them regularly!

    And yes, Induction lighting is great! Initial cost is high and can be daunting to start-up grows.
    If you can afford it - GO FOR IT!
    I am slowly switching over and I LOVE the results so far!

    Go forth and grow effectively !!
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Absolutely NOT!
    I run multi 5x5 tents inline with one Sunleaves WindTunnel fan inline (pulling air, not pushing) per group and have no issues at all. (exhausting outside room)
    WindTunnel 6 - 6" Flange, 11" housing, 409 CFM, 70 Watts, 1.0 Amps.

    Barrazaburnz Active Member

    2x 600w is a better choice more light per watt. I'd also do a light mover and nice big hood to spread even more. my digi ballast runs at 640w. Someone said mixed spectrum mh/hps they do make bulbs with both HPS and MH in one bulb. I've seen 1000w and 600w "Dual-arc" I think it's called.

    skunkd0c Well-Known Member

    2x600 will give you more footprint than a single 1000w
    there is not going to be a huge difference in a well maintained room

    folk running very large grows might opt for 1000w simply because its less lights to manage
    and makes things a little more practical

    i use 3x600 i could use 2x1000 i guess , its not a huge issue imo
    go with what suits you best

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