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11% yield taking 80+ hours @ 29.89 to purge

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by scorche224, Oct 6, 2013.


    scorche224 Member

    Im using a vac it pro and a yellowjacket superevac 6 cfm (read it was one of the toptier pumps to use with vacitpro)... its currently been in vac for over 50 hours and there is still bubbles. When I say bubbles I mean it looks like its been in vac for 4 hours and the muffin just diminished.
    People are FULLY purging in about 24 hours getting "swiss cheese shatter" with nucleation holes meaning its done.. literally no visible bubbles.

    Im more than frustrated EVERYTIME I order new equipment I run into another dilemma like this..... been in vac for over 50 hours. The slab in there is less than 25g. Again, people are fully purging in half the time it takes me.

    Yet im pulling 29.8-9 and oil surface area temp is 103-110f.

    Posting this is my last resort before I contemplate selling all my equipment yet again. Material I ran was some super terpeny Bubblejack sugar leaf. No larf.
    I dont have time to purge less than a zip in 4+days......... ..... ..

    scorche224 Member

    Only "help" I've received is that "I need a stronger pump" yet its rated at 15 microns but taking twice as long than people with 25 micron robinairs.... on the verge of giving up

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    pics plz
    some stuff wont wax if its too old

    Dogenzengi Well-Known Member

    What twitch said,
    Age of material matters a lot.
    fresher klippings and kuttings, freeze that skuff if you are building it up to blow a large batch.

    Your equipment is fine, I was under the impression that BHO is purged in a series of purges (half dozen)
    ending in a 12-16 hour purge.

    The temp of the material in the chamber is being kept warm right, how??
    Heating pad, not warm enough IMHO.
    I like electric griddle....

    scorche224 Member

    My material is fine I'm sure, it was chopped no more than 2-3 weeks ago and the trim smelled just like the buds. Using an electric griddle. Going to try and post a few pics if Ican figure out how

    scorche224 Member

    Well no clue how to post a picture on this site anymore and cant downlod the app cause I apprarently need $1 which I dont have in the "cyberworld" fucking ridiculous

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    click on the go advanced option scorch, than click on the paper click looking thingy, than choose you're attachments there from your computer.. :D

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    i think VP posted a thread on posting pictures

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    Try bringing oil temp up another 10 degreebongsmilie

    scorche224 Member

    Hmm Its at 106. No paperclip..... on android

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    just hoped on my droid and i'm seeing it scrorche...

    at the bottom of the regular reply box, hit the go advanced box, a new window will open up, than you'll see the reply box, above the reply box, you'll see a bunch of things like the bold button, underline, italics, etc.. above that is another line of thingy's.. all the way to the end of the top line is the paper clip looking thing. it's the last high lighted one on the top row on mine..

    DO3SHA Well-Known Member

    go get your self a laser thermometer to measure all parts of your chamber. sounds like a temp issue. also how thick are you laying it down. i find best to spread a thin layer on parchment paper or some silicon pads also flip it over every 45 minutes or so. with this method im easily purging 70+gs in 12 hours or less

    scorche224 Member

    No bold italics or anything just a blank horizontal line...... have a laser temp gun. Sways between 102-110. I dont believe in a lot of agitation im always shooting for clarity shatter.

    DO3SHA Well-Known Member

    flipping it over isnt really aggitating it, maybe folding it into eachother would be aggitation, when these guys are getting that clear clarity they are most likely winterizing with ethanol alcohol (ethyl alcohol)

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    Lol vac, smoke a bowl and chill bro:eyesmoke:

    vacpurge New Member

    who the fuck do I think im talking to?? I think im talking to some old fuckhead tweaker who has completely ruined his brain and doesnt know jack shit.

    this has NOTHING to do with making hash you dumb fuck, my tutorial was on posting pictures. you seen it, and are coming in here and doing nothing but trying to get people to do the opposite, probably because youre still butthurt from when I hurt your feelings in toke n talk.

    hash god, lmao, I think youre looking for rize you moron. I have nothing to do with hash. better do more creeping on my year old posts.

    tell ya what, ill check my ego, and you check your skull to make sure theres a fuckin brain in there, because right now im wondering.

    click browse
    click upload
    copy and paste the link for a proper picture that makes our lives easier, you obviously dont give a fuck about making it easier for us in the concentrate section...... yeah ,your way is mucchhhhhhh better. give your head a shake racerboy an fuck off back to toke n talk with the retards where you belong.

    seriously, was just reading some of your posts back in like 2010 when you first joined here.. oh, should prisoners be getting paid minimum wage?? or should I flower my male plants?? is your cock circumsized, can I see??? fucking moron I tell ya!!!!! get the fuck outta here.



    yeah, seems that your way works JUST FUCKING GREAT!!!!!!


    BluJayz Well-Known Member

    No knowledge of your dissy but you'r pump is a good one.

    I'm with Dog, you aren't supposed to pull one vacuum for 50 hours you pull several vacuums over an evening or a day based on size.

    Also the thinner you lay it out the faster it will purge, you can usually lay 25 grams no more than 1/4 inch thick in the dissy.

    scorche224 Member

    Using a vac it pro like 90% of the oil community. I pull a few vaccums 2-4 but I dont excessively let the pressure out unless im folding.. I was never taught to do that. Everybody up here is purging 60+ gram slabs in a vac it pro just like me but its COMPLETELY done, and heavily nucleated after 20 hours or so..
    Basically purging 3x more in a third of the time.

    Where am I going wrong?! Been extracting for a few years and I've never been this clueless or dumbfounded. Pulled it out of vac after 88 hours at 29.9 and sold the slab to a buddy. Have 4 more slabs I need to fully purge before material gets too old and by the looks of it its gonna take a few weeks at this pace ... grrrr

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Thin film is key... I can have a qwiso purged and ready to smoke in 24hours that's with no vacuum. Using a vacuum and a solvent with a much lower boiling point, times are cut in half at least......I have a hexane extract purged and ready in that time frame as well. Being much heavier than butane.... you have to be trying to purge thick chunks

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    seriously, was just reading some of your posts back in like march when you first joined here.. oh, i've never made hash before, can someone please hold my hand and help me ...
    wtf, if a few months you're now the hash god and no one but you know's how to do shit?? need to check that ego..

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