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1000w Master Kush/Swiss Cheese Scrog Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by PakChild, Sep 29, 2010.


    PakChild Active Member

    Hey everybody, well last week I ordered 5 feminized Master Kush and 5 feminized Swiss Cheese seeds from Nirvana. I put them in soil with Nirvanas germination kit on 9/25 at 5pm yesterday I had 5 out of 5 Swiss Cheeses sprout and only 1 Master Kush. I'm really disappointed in Nirvana for sendin me 2 white immature seeds for master kush, so i'm praying rite now that they pull through and sprout... But I have them in red cups with a top soil/mushroom compost mix I made. I checked the Ph last nite and it was 7.0 so I'm happy with that. I have them under 4 CFL lights and a heat lamp since its only about 60 degrees F inside the house, with the lamp its about 75 degrees F. Im going to be using a 1000w MH/HPS light using a Scrog setup in a 4x4 area with co2. The plants will be grown in 3 1/2 gallon buckets, thats what I have but if I find 5 gallon buckets I can get for free I'll put them in that. I'm still deciding on how I will make my soil; what mix I should make. I'd appreciate any tips or comments, whether they be bad or good. I need 100% honesty and help from other experienced growers. This will be my second grow, last time I used a 90w LED UFO with 5 gallon bucket Hydro setup, LEDs suck I only produced an oz and it took almost 6 months, pretty lame. So I'm stepping it up, been reading, watching videos, talkin with others, just trying to gain as much knowledge as possible. I feel pretty confident in what I'm doing. I figured Scrog would be the best way to go to get a maximum yield with less plants. I'll be sure to post pictures later today.

    PakChild Active Member

    Well yesterday I went to the Hydro store and bought a few things. For soil i bought Roots Organics Green Fields the 65lb bag that contains 20 gallons of potting mix. And i bought a Ph scale with Earth Juice Natural Up and Natural Down. i'm getting a 1000w MH/HPS light but, the hydro store sold everything seperately and their prices were ridiculous. The kid that worked there also showed me a MH bulb that was $150 just the bulb, and said that it was good enough for flowering too, but I'm trying to spend no more than $450 for a complete setup. But heres whats I'm planning on getting, a Sun System Harvest Pro Elite 1000 watt Switchable Ballast for $211.95 with a Large Adjust-A-Wing reflector and assembly for $215.95 with a Super-Spreader for $34.95, I'm still looking at bulbs rite now. But anyways, another Mast kush sprouted, still waiting on 2 more Master Kushs to sprout, hoping atleast one more does. But thats the update for now. I gotta take a couple pictures to post still, so stay tuned.

    TheVillain Member

    nice decision to step up from LEDs. you'll get much better results with your current setup. i like the strain selection too, i'm thinking about trying the master kush pretty soon... how long are you vegging?

    PakChild Active Member

    I'm gonna veg them till their 18in. tall then put the screen over them and continue to veg till they fill out the screen

    PakChild Active Member

    Hey everybody. Today is day 12 since I planted my seeds of Swiss Cheese and Master Kush FEM. Sprouted 5 SC and 3 MK. They are all 4in. tall going on their 3rd set of leafs. Wish I had a camera to take some pictures but can't find it. But everythings going on schedule.

    I just ordered 2 package deals from Nirvana. The Fairy Tale Package which contains FEM 5 Snow white and 5 White Rhino. Also got the Girl Power package deal which contains FEM 5 Wonder Woman and 5 Venus Flytrap.

    Sunday I will be setting up my grow room.

    Moday I will be buying all the equipment I need.
    - Roots Organic Soil
    - 1000 watt MH/HPS light
    - Mylar with UV protectant
    - In-line and Blower fans want to get just a 6in. ducting fo
    - a rooting/veg nutrient

    If any experienced growers are reading this and you have any suggestions for appliances that I'm gonna be buying please reply. Don't want top of the line just something to get me by for 3 months. Thanks.

    PakChild Active Member

    Hey everybody, today is Day 14 everythings looking good. Yesterday I went to Home Depot and bought 10 8' 2x4 and 4 big sheets of a thin kind of particle board. Tomorrow I'm going to build my 4x4 grow room. I bought more wood that way I could build another 4x4 room. I found these 2x2 slabs with a thick plastic for the floor but didn't have enough cash on hand. I'll get that next week, it will help with keeping the bottom of the buckets from getting cold. Today I am gonna goto the hydro store for everything I need to get, hopefully. I have been calling them every day to see if they're open but always get the answering machine. I'll make sure I get pictures up this week. I know this thread is boring considering I don't have any pictures up.

    PakChild Active Member

    Day 15

    Well yesterday I tested the Ph and it was 8 so I used the Ph Down added like not even half a tsp of the crystals to a liter of water and water the plants I got a lil bit of nute burn on the one Swiss Cheese plant, theres a lil bit of green mold on top of the soil, must be from the mushroom compost I added to the top soil when I made the soil for the cups, but I got some pictures.

    I didn't end up going to the hydro shop, I called them all day long to see if they were open and still got the answering machine, I don't get how this place even makes money when they're never open. Pissing me off. But I did find a link for a 1000w MH/HPS complete set for $180, gonna buy 2 of them and buy 2 Adjust-A-Wings separately for them. Tuesdays pay day for me, by the end of this week I'll have everything set up and running.

    Can somebody explain to me how much Ph Down you use per gallon of water or some other ratio? I haven't looked it up yet, I'm about to, but I don't know if this is the reason I got nute burn on one of my plants. Thanks.
    IMG_1893.jpg IMG_4845.jpg IMG_4761.jpg IMG_3155.jpg

    PakChild Active Member

    Oh yea, and as you can see from the pictures, two cups each have 2 plants in it. When I planted them I couldn't remember which peat pellet had a seed in it and put another one in thats the one in the top right corner, the one in the top middle has a lil one that just sprouted a couple days ago and I don't get how that happened, I know I only put 2 seeds in one pellet and kept one master kush seed, I planted 5 SC and 4 MK, I have 2 cups that didn't sprout. Those 2 cups that got 2 plants each I'm going to transplant into rubbermaid containers instead of 5 gallon buckets so they have more room for root growth.

    PakChild Active Member

    Day 19

    Alrite well I got 3 plants that look like they're dieing. Yellow, wilting sucks.... Don't know really whats up with them, I bought a new Ph meter and its reading 7, I got 2 that are doing real good. tomorrow I'll take pictures though and post em up. Nirvana sent me 2 more master kush seeds because I sent them a complaint about how they sent me immature seeds so they took care of me. Still waiting on my other seeds from them though, should be here by saturday, i hope...

    k2daalvin Well-Known Member

    PH should be 6.0-6.5ish.... 1/4 teaspoon per gallon lowers the ph 1 point.. ex.(7.0-6.0)

    also.. whats the water PPM?

    PakChild Active Member

    Thanks man, I don't have a PPM meter yet I'm just using bottled water to water my plants rather than use tap water. So that really shouldn't be my issue... I still have em under these CFLs too, waiting for my paycheck to go buy the 1000w MH/HPS and basically everything else to complete my room, was expecting my check a few days ago, hopefully its here today cause I wanna transplant them into 5 gal buckets asap.

    PakChild Active Member

    Day 26

    Alrite haven't updated in a couple days but I got my other seeds in the mail from Nirvana, Wonder Woman, Snow White, White Rhino, and Venus Flytrap. Planted them all 2 nights ago, one has sprouted, my other 2 Master Kushs I got from Nirvana also have sprouted a couple days ago the seed casing wouldn't come off the leafs so i had to pull it off cause it was making them stretch for light. But my other Swiss Cheeses and Master Kushs are doing good, recovering pretty good from me fucking up and putting too much Ph Down in with water that one day. Stunted a couple of them pretty bad... I'm STILL waiting on my check from work to go buy all the supplies I need to finish this room, pissing me off, crossing my fingers its here tomorrow. But I got some pictures, update in a few days. Hopefully everythings sprouted by saturday.

    IMG_0190.JPG IMG_8807.jpg IMG_4596.jpg IMG_1730.jpg IMG_1133.jpg

    OGPanda Active Member

    Already! Subb'ed Up!

    PakChild Active Member

    Day 30 - MK SC / Day 7 WM VFT WR WW

    Alrite, Alrite, Alrite! Today is day 30 since Master Kush and Swiss Cheese has been planted and its day 7 for Wonder Woman, Snow White, White Rhino, and Venus Flytrap.

    MK SC - Doing good, I put a layer of Roots Soil on the top cause the soil I started these out in just sucks, need to get them in 5 gal buckets but I need to get this damn light first. But They are all looking good for the situation I got them in right now at the moment.

    WW WR SW VFT - All 20 seeds have sprouted. 2 inches tall and looking just fine.

    I went to the book store today to get the new High Times and was looking through the gardening books and saw this book I've been looking for, Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Grower's Handbook. I bought it, gonna start reading this tonite.

    Today is the day I'm finally ordering everything I need.
    - 1000 watt mh/hps from HydroWholesale.com for $180!!! Thats a deal. Even if its a piece of shit and it can last me 6 months, I'm fine with that.
    - Mylar with thermal protection 3.5'x 50'
    - 180cfm Ecoplus Blower
    - 4" Active Air 165cfm In-Line Duct Fan
    - Co2 Regulator

    So hopefully by next week i'll be setting the room up and FINALLY have it completed and running, CAN'T WAIT!!!

    I'll post some pictures up later today.

    PakChild Active Member

    Alrite heres the pictures i wanted to post for today.

    IMG_6990.jpg IMG_4738.jpg IMG_0563.jpg IMG_6805.jpg IMG_3187.jpg IMG_7455.jpg IMG_1425.jpg

    TheOrganic Well-Known Member

    Nice looking plants, I just got my 1000w can't wait to use it, gonna grow a white rhino too. PARTY CUPS RULE!!! SUBBED!

    PakChild Active Member

    Alrite Day 32 - SC MK / Day 9 WW WR SW VFT

    Everythings looking just fine. Really need to get the SC and MK transplanted, also been trying to decide when to top em. Wanna try super cropping. I'll be sure to post some pictures maybe later today.

    I ordered both the fans and the 1000w light. That package deal for the light only comes with one bulb, you could choose between a MH or HPS so I went with the MH for now. Sometime in November I'll be sure to order another MH bulb and 2 HPS bulbs. Always gotta make sure you have backup bulbs. I didn't order the Co2 regulator. Didn't have enough money, but yea so I got both fans, light, and mylar that has the thermal shield on it, better safe than sorry, don't want some chopper flying over and see my room glowing. I also gotta start trying to figure out how I'm going to hook up the fans, how i'm running the ducting. And size of the room, gotta make another room as my Mother/Veg room, and I think I'm gonna have to make another flower room because of age difference between the strains I got goin on and since I really wanna do a Scrog grow. Any opinions, comments on what I should do??

    PakChild Active Member

    Day 33 - SC MK / Day 10 WW WR SW VFT

    I transplanted 5 cups today which were MK and SC and my dumbass forgot to lable them, so fuckin stupid I think I know whats what though. Oh well, they needed transplanted bad though put 3 of them in 3 gallon pots, one in a butter container and the other in a diaper wipes container haha Don't have the room til I get my equipment and construct my room so its just a temporary solution for right now, I chose 2 nite air for my light and fans, so either tonite or tomorrow it should be here, hope so....

    As for the other 4 strains some are stretching so damn much their falling, so I got straws and cut them like 2" tall and split them down the middle and put the stem inside the straw and used them as posts to keep them standing up. God do I need this light here I got 30 plants under 8 CFLs, can't wait to get them under a 1000w MH. I also topped a SC and MK. But thats the news for today, I'll try and post some pictures tonite, my setup looks pretty ridiculous haha but it'll have to do for now.

    PakChild Active Member

    I got my 1000w MH/HPS light in and mylar/thermal shield today. Didn't get my inline and blower fans yet though. Should be here tomorrow, hopefully. But either way, even if it doesn't come I'm building my room tomorrow. I've decided I'm making it a 4'x8' room, need to get another 1000w light though so each one covers a 4'x4' area. Next week Co2 regulator and need to get a good timer. Gotta make sure to get a thermometer/humidity meter too, try and grab one up tomorrow. But geeked about setting everything up tomorrow, finally get all my babies the light they need. Should see some drastic changes this following week.

    TheOrganic Well-Known Member

    Nice grow Hope all your stuff comes.

    If you can make that room bigger, I did a 4x6 room and I hated it for space and getting to my plants cause sometimes you have to pull them out. And your 1000w what will do more than great in a 4x4 grow space.
    I even made a cart that will hold a stadium grow for scrog but bigger room means for CO2 use so its up to how much you want to spend. The room I built is 8x10 but only 4x5 is the cart that way I can rotate and get to them easy.

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