1. Hybridway

    Led vs HPS growing

    I'll be showing the differences if any between led & hps growing using some of the latest tech in led against hps. Not exactly perfect side by sides but it's what I could muster up last min being way behind schedule & veg getting out of control. Had to give away a few & chopped one cuz it was...
  2. T

    Suncloak LED horizontal Flower panels-Blue Moon Rock Grow-450W

    Hello RollItUp Community. Just wanted to post some pics of my Suncloak 450W horizontal Flower panel grow. I have 2 Suncloak Flower panels daisy chained together-totalling 450-480W pull Strain- Blue Moon Rocks. mixed soil medium. 8 weeks of flower.
  3. Hybridway

    Sun Cloak Multi-Strain

    Day #1 of Flower. Plants just came from 6" Potts to 5gall buckets less then 2 weeks ago. Plants: - x4 Kings Kush - x2 SFV-OG - x1 Sensi-Star - x1 Snow Dawg - x1 Bubba Kush Pre-"98" - x3 Chem Dawg #4 Nutes: TechNaFlora w/ supplementals by Microbe Life Medium: 60% Biotanicare Aeration / 40%...
  4. G

    SunCloak lights

    Anyone other than Hybrid have any experience with the SunCloak lights? I really like the concept but I'm not sure if I should go with them or wait until Timber is offering Vero builds? I'm trying to light up 2 rows of 4X8 in a sealed basement room and I would like to try to get by with no A/C...
  5. Hybridway

    My Amare, Hydroponics Hut, & SunCloak Grow

    Day # 1 flower Lights - My Amare - SunCloak - Hydroponics Hut - SE-450 - 4416 - Pro-Grow X5-500 475 w , 600-800 w , 535 w Multi-Strains: x2, GOGI x2, Flo by Dj:Short x1, Chem-Dawg #4 x1, SFV-OG x1, Kings x1, Sensi-Star x1, Cinderella-99 Medium:-35% FoxFarms CoCo-LoCo -65% Biotanicare...
  6. Hybridway

    O.C. GG#4 In the SunCloak 4416

    Running 6 O.C. GG#4's in the SunCloak 4416. These plants are like 2 3/4 months vegged in a tight space then thrown in the Cloak. In 10 days I've seen them go from sloppy plants to strong. First day of flower is today. These are probobly not optimal plants but if this light can grow these girls 3...