1. ChiefRunningPhist

    Arab spring... ...Russia

    So been thinking about it for a min and was curious what others had to say about the Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, and the rise of nationalism across the globe. Why? ... Some questions: Did the western countries manipulate the middle east to install certain people of power? CIA and...
  2. hanimmal

    Bi-Partisan Senate report calls for sweeping effort to stop Russian trolls on social media platforms. So with all the sock puppets running around pretending that Russia did not, and has not been systematically attacking every social media site (like, this is pretty timely report that took 2.5 years for the bi-partisan senate...
  3. hanimmal

    Trump to get Impeachment Inquiry from Pelosi

    At 5pm it is Pelosi told a reporter she was going to announce a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump. If nothing else this will open up the final play Trump gets to see if he can somehow wiggle out of this one. I wonder what the reasons will be: -Throwing children into detention centers...
  4. hanimmal

    “Joints will be separated. It is not a problem,” - MSB goons on murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi At the risk of pissing off Saudi trolls, this should be known. it looks like Kushner's buddy the crown prince of Saudi Arabia is going to skate on any responsibility. Nothing suspicious about Trumps' meeting with them and the Russians...
  5. hanimmal

    Dealing with Politics and Family

    In 2017 after a couple years of dealing with my dad while trying to set up a farm on his land I couldn't take it anymore and decided it wasn't healthy for me to be there and had to walk away from my project. Since then we haven't spoken. At the time I couldn't understand what was going on, he...
  6. abandonconflict

    Judge: Congressional Democrats Can Move Forward with Trump Lawsuit

    A federal judge has ruled congressional Democrats can move forward with an anti-corruption lawsuit against President Trump. The suit accuses Trump of violating the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution by receiving payments from foreign governments through the Trump International Hotel...

    Is Donald Trump an Asshole?

    I figure we might as well cut to the chase. No need for sockpuppet questions, folks here want democracy and a vote! Now, if ya need a definition of asshole, I'm sure I and others on the forum could provide some definitions and examples! Perhaps some might want to discuss what constitutes an...
  8. Huckster79

    Who’s it gunna be??? “Bets” anyone?

    ok let’s make “bets” for a puff who’s it gunna be.., who’s the subject of the indictment. Whomever is right the rest of us gotta do a puff in your honor as a “wager”
  9. ttystikk

    The new and modernized Russian Combined Arms forces are a very credible threat vs NATO, others The article linked above is a good overview of Russian military modernization efforts over the last 8-10 years, their impact on Russian military capabilities and what they mean for countries along Russia's borders, including NATO countries. TL;DR...
  10. Uberknot

    Trump Campaign Busted!!! Latest shake up attempt to Cover up!

    Trump advisers waged covert influence campaign By JEFF HORWITZ and CHAD DAY Aug. 18, 2016 9:32 PM EDT WASHINGTON (AP) — A firm run by Donald Trump's campaign chairman directly orchestrated a covert Washington lobbying operation on behalf of Ukraine's ruling political party, attempting to...