qb 288

  1. D

    Comparing 2 Quantum boards, which way should I go?

    Looking to get my first set of quantum boards, actually first LEDs for a longtime traditional HPS grower. Gonna go Chinese (kingbrite) for budget purposes and trying to decide between these 2 boards. Both are 3000K, : QB288 LM301B with Epistar 660nm - So 36 of the 288 (12.5%) LEDs on each...
  2. Steakbomb

    Steakbomb's Quantum Closet

    Hello RIU! Been lurking this forum for a few months and I finally decided to join and start a journal. Here is my bloom cabinet: It started life as a Supercloset Supernova. As everyone warned me, Superclosets come with the cheapest parts available to start a grow, all in a metal storage...
  3. Olive Drab Green

    O.D. Green

    I’m going to try to start over, because I know I flooded my last thread beyond use. So, in my flower closet, I have 2x Purple Haze/Malawi x Oldtimer’s Haze backcrosses. I am hoping pheno #2 is a male, particularly, because if I have no males from that cross, I just started two Purple...
  4. JSheeze

    DIY Heatsink materials and hacks

    So, I've been thinking about putting together my own DIY QB light and have run into the heatsink part of the design. I'm looking to run (3) 288 V2 (HLG 240H 54A), in parellel, in a 2'x4' tent, and would like to mount them all on one plate. Has anyone ever tried an aluminium sports bleacher...
  5. Buds.on.a.budget

    Watts per square foot?

    I recently changed from blurples to quantum boards, I have 240w (2x 288 boards) in a 4x2 tent giving me 30w per foot. Ive heard this is the figure to aim for! My question is, is there an upwards limit? How much would the yield benefit from pumping it up to 50 or 60 watts per square foot?
  6. Kenny Grows

    Connecting QB's to a RapidLED frame, Help?

    I'm planning to build new flower light for a 5*5. I want 8 chilled pucks, and 4 QB 288's. I plan on getting the 5*5 substrate. I know it's about 13.5" in between the railing and a QB is 11.25". So it's possible. I was thinking of using Rapids driver mounts, if it worked it'd be perfect. But they...
  7. B

    HLG q.v. 288's optimal driver set

    Howdy, I've been picking up tips and bits here and there reading through this forum but wanted to make my first thread to consolidate my understanding of HLG quantum boards. From what I gather please point out my mistakes: The new 288 qbs can be run in series or parallel. Series = constant...