1. N

    Issues Week 1 bloom 1000 watt HPS

    I have 3 big bud and 4 gelatos girls growing so happily 3 weeks into veg. Then suddenly one of the big buds leaves begins to turn a weird light green and dark green. Some a little yellow. They have been on a cal mag and botanicare veg feed cycle for the whole time. I had just started to flush...
  2. H

    1000w HPS or 2 P1500 LEDS?

    Hello. I have a 4x4x8 grow tent. Currently with 1000w HPS. I have 6 plants using Ocean Forest & Happy frog (50/50), & Emerald Harvest 3-Part Nutrients series. I am interested in switching to led, but do not want to lose light, and or waste money. Would 2 P1500 Viparspectra leds work as an...
  3. H

    CO2 Enrichment Requirement Concerns

    Hey! I’m reading that you should have at least 7500 lumens per sq ft to really take advantage of CO2 enrichment. In a 4x4 area, a 1000w HPS has sufficient lumens (9375 lumens per sq ft) but not a 630w CMH which has less than half as many lumens (4125 lumens per sq ft) even though both lights are...
  4. B

    Removing hps and just keep led final 2 weeks

    Hello. I am in the final few weeks. I am completely happy with the plants. One jack flash is a little low on yield but the quality is spot on and same as 1 of my gorilla glue is the same. I am currently using a 600w hps and a mars hydro not too sure which model. On the lesser jack flash i have...
  5. L

    250w vs 400w HPS in 3x3 heat output (winter grow, autoflowers)

    Hey guys, i know this is probably an over-asked question but i don't seem to find an answer to my question.. im about to start my first grow and my budget is limited but its much cheaper to grow my own than purchasing it every week.. So basically i want to grow 4 plants (Northern Lights...
  6. N

    Day 62 flower cherry pie. Trichs not turning amber, plant getting losing all the fan leaves. HELP

    My cherry pies have hit day 62 and they are losing ALL their fan leaves to turning yellow and brittle. I am carefully watching the trichs and see that I’m getting NO amber. (Pics included) I just don’t want to leave them under the light losing potential quality for trichs that potentially may...
  7. N

    Cherry pie week 8, 2 days away. How does it look

    We are 2 days away from 8 weeks on this cherry pie. It’s been under a 1000 watt HPS getting nice and ripe. how does it look? 5 or more like 12 days more needed? They look healthy to you all? Appreciate all the feedback, Definitely not the best strain/pheno I’ve grown but for some random clones...
  8. CJ0420

    LED equivalent of 600w hps?

    I currently have a 600w hps running in my closet but only running at 200w and heat is still an issue , I have about all the ventilation /airflow that I can rn , so am thinking to Change to LED but don’t rly wanna sacrifice yeild / quality if possible , I also don’t rly wanna bankrupt myself On a...
  9. CJ0420

    Yellowing leaf tips on young plant

    So to keep things short today I noticed the tips of my lower leaves yellowing and the whole of them leaves also going more lime green my setup: 250w hps General hydroponic flora trio + some cal mag Cana coco + perlite mix Lights on temp maxes about 29c FeedAnd water is ph about 6.2 My first...
  10. O

    HPS or the sun?!

    Hey all! Been awhile, so I just harvested a plant and the buds came out very airy growing outside. I did not feed, I had a small pot for it and genetics could of been suspect. We just put two other plants into flower and I want them to beef up this time! We put into 5 gallon buckets and have...
  11. N

    First post here, how am I doing? 5x5 tent 1000 watt HPS in soil.

    This is my first post here but not my first grow. Handful of years out door and about 3 runs inside, so I’m new to indoor. I’m curious how everything looks from these photos. I’m in week 6, day 1 of bloom. I am running cherry pie (80% indica 20% sativa I believe). All are in 3 gallon smart...
  12. CJ0420

    Grow room too hot ?

    Ima start by saying my grow is in the Center of my house and I have got about all the ventilation I think I can have (room is about 4ft x3ft x7ft), that being said my light on temp is 29c (84f) that’s even with a cool mist humidifier in the room Which tbh idk if that actually helps , but my...
  13. City_Farmer

    New grow room. No more tent.

    So I have recently decided to get rid of the tent. This being said I've decided to add a 600 watt hps ontop of my existing 2 1000 watt hps. Do you think I could cool all 3 hoods if I use 2 inlines, one on either side. I'm running 4 strains from greenpoint seeds. 6 of each. 6x punch bubble. 6x...
  14. V

    Hows it looking ? Just curios what you all think

    This is my 2 grow from seed. It is just finishing week 5 of flower. The plant is OG skywalker its 13 weeks from. Just wondering what you all think / hows it doing? Sun system LEC 8 weeks of 18/6 Now 12/12 light Mothers earth groundswell soil 6 gallon pot Ph 6.5 ish Day temp 75-76 Night temp...
  15. Alazzzar

    My plant ain’t green enough..I think.

    My plant is at its first week of flowering. Ive just translated it, and flushed the soil (had nutrients lockout) making it ready for flowering. 5 days ago. I feel like the leafs are turning, might already turnt light green ish. Very comparable to a lime. it could be that the flushing...
  16. Budman42069

    Alaskan thunderfuck

    Recieved this clone 1 week ago. Under 400w mh Fox farm ocean forest, maybe a little too hot at the moment, causing the discoloration on the leaves Just using ph'd water, but will be using the flora nutes from general hydroponics. Waiting on 4 more clones, guptilla, forbidden fruit...
  17. M

    Hi, can any one help me? first grow

    I have 400 hps and 8 sq,ft closet It give 48000 lumen and be 6000 lumen per sq,ft Can i put 2 of 400 w in my tent? And what u think about my ex vent and cfm that must be have? Thx guys .peace
  18. Consul

    Plant Health Check

    Hey guys, just wondering if any veterans could tell me how my first grow is looking? I've started to notice some discoloration between the veins of the biggest fan leaves and worried this may be early signs of a problem. I hope you can make it out in the images. The weird haircut is the result...
  19. Cannabis.Liberation.Army

    What's the average yield per watt?

    So far the only side by side test I've seen was done by Migro. They claim the average yield of an HPS is 0.5 grams per watt and 1.0 grams per watt for a quantum board (Samsung LM301B). Do you agree with these numbers and where would you position a standard LED light?
  20. Cannabis.Liberation.Army

    Average Yield Per Watt Infographic

    I'm helping a few people grow so I decided to create a series of infographics rather than overwhelm them with unnecessary technical details. This one is a comparison between HPS, standard LED lights and the new quantum boards (Samsung LM301B). Can anyone confirm or refute the numbers, please...