1. City_Farmer

    New grow room. No more tent.

    So I have recently decided to get rid of the tent. This being said I've decided to add a 600 watt hps ontop of my existing 2 1000 watt hps. Do you think I could cool all 3 hoods if I use 2 inlines, one on either side. I'm running 4 strains from greenpoint seeds. 6 of each. 6x punch bubble. 6x...
  2. V

    Hows it looking ? Just curios what you all think

    This is my 2 grow from seed. It is just finishing week 5 of flower. The plant is OG skywalker its 13 weeks from. Just wondering what you all think / hows it doing? Sun system LEC 8 weeks of 18/6 Now 12/12 light Mothers earth groundswell soil 6 gallon pot Ph 6.5 ish Day temp 75-76 Night temp...
  3. Alazzzar

    My plant ain’t green enough..I think.

    My plant is at its first week of flowering. Ive just translated it, and flushed the soil (had nutrients lockout) making it ready for flowering. 5 days ago. I feel like the leafs are turning, might already turnt light green ish. Very comparable to a lime. it could be that the flushing...
  4. Budman42069

    Alaskan thunderfuck

    Recieved this clone 1 week ago. Under 400w mh Fox farm ocean forest, maybe a little too hot at the moment, causing the discoloration on the leaves Just using ph'd water, but will be using the flora nutes from general hydroponics. Waiting on 4 more clones, guptilla, forbidden fruit...
  5. M

    Hi, can any one help me? first grow

    I have 400 hps and 8 sq,ft closet It give 48000 lumen and be 6000 lumen per sq,ft Can i put 2 of 400 w in my tent? And what u think about my ex vent and cfm that must be have? Thx guys .peace
  6. Consul

    Plant Health Check

    Hey guys, just wondering if any veterans could tell me how my first grow is looking? I've started to notice some discoloration between the veins of the biggest fan leaves and worried this may be early signs of a problem. I hope you can make it out in the images. The weird haircut is the result...
  7. Cannabis.Liberation.Army

    What's the average yield per watt?

    So far the only side by side test I've seen was done by Migro. They claim the average yield of an HPS is 0.5 grams per watt and 1.0 grams per watt for a quantum board (Samsung LM301B). Do you agree with these numbers and where would you position a standard LED light?
  8. Cannabis.Liberation.Army

    Average Yield Per Watt Infographic

    I'm helping a few people grow so I decided to create a series of infographics rather than overwhelm them with unnecessary technical details. This one is a comparison between HPS, standard LED lights and the new quantum boards (Samsung LM301B). Can anyone confirm or refute the numbers, please...
  9. Consul

    First Grow - Closet - Amnesia Fast - HPS - Coco

    Yooo! Currently 10 days after germination on my first grow. I've converted a closet which is roughly 3ft wide by 2ft deep and 8ft high. I have space for 3x 5gal fabric pots in there and a 250-660w dimmable ballast with wing reflector and dual spectrum HPS that apparently retains the same light...
  10. P

    What do you think about CMH lights?

    Hi! I have never heard before about this type of light for growing herb. They say its really great and it doesnt use much electrity too but its weird is that I dont really see people using it.
  11. B

    New grow room going up, looking for some input!

    so I haven't been growing for the past year and a half. I got kind of burnt out on it and decided to focus on some other projects. Now that time has passed I am looking to get things up and going again. I have a 20x40 barn with AC, 200amp electric, and semi finished to work with. I am looking...
  12. J

    600w HPS Flower Tent Upgrade? Emerson Effect?

    Hello, I currently have a rectangle hood around a 600w hps going in my 4x4 flower tent. I am installing UV Led strips along the long sides of the hood, and along the shorter ends of the hood I am interested in installing two new lights. I was curious, after looking into different options, I...
  13. TwistedReaction

    Leaves turning darker: Flowering start of week 9 (8-9 week flowering recommended)

    Hey Guys, I'm pretty close to harvest so wondering both for now and future grows as there probably is not much I could do in the next week or so. I'm growing Green Crack CBD and they are maybe a week out even less from harvest. I know leaves tend to go first but two out of the 3 plants are...
  14. CanadianValleyGrower12

    New Grower 1000w HPS Setup

    Hey everyone! Long time smoker, first time growing with any sort of significant lighting system. I’m running a 1000w vivosun HPS and currently have plants that were all started from bag seed. I’ve ordered myself 10 auto flower seeds from Crop King Seeds (5 Banana Kush, 5 Blueberry x Big Devil)...
  15. N

    Using MH bulb with HPS ballast

    hi so as the title says, i wanna use my 400w MH bulb with a 400w magnetic HPS ballast, i did some research here and on other places and it didn’t end with a conclusion, some said its ok and nothing to worry about and some strongly advised against it and their reason was that MH bulbs need lower...
  16. O

    so confused over lighting

    Been out of the grow game for about 15 years and am more confused than ever on lights. back in the day I used a standard 400w hps for veg and flowering. worked finr but heat management was an issue at times and a blessing during the winter. this time ill be in a 4 x 4 x 7 grow tent in my garage...
  17. N

    Smoking Magnetic Ballast

    Hello, today I bought a new HPS 600W grow light kit. The problem is with the magnetic ballast when I plugged the lamp it started smoking and I immediately unplugged it. Is it normal to smoke when first started?
  18. Liamp1603

    Slow auto grow

    I currently have in a 5x5 under a 600w dimmable ballast in 10l coco coir getting fed cx horticulture cocos a and b and cal mag all ph’d between 6.2 and 5.5 the strains are the bakery seed bank sour orange auto and cheese cake auto but the growth has come to a halt I had a little bit of nute burn...
  19. S

    From Indoor to Outdoor

    Was under 400w HPS with 150 true watt supplemental LED’s for 6.5 weeks, then transplanted outdoors. Outdoor pic is day 60.
  20. Budman42069

    Flower time

    First off I'm going to reposition the humidifier and relocate fans and remove cratesafter work today. Switched to flower yesterday 600w hps 4x4 tent 2 gorilla glue 3 sour diesel SCROG netting in place Foxfarm ocean forest General hydroponics nutes Anything I should take care of. Hoping to...