1. T

    How do you get paid as a caregiver?

    I've got a patient that I'm growing for and I need help with how get paid. I know you can't charge by weight but patients are used to weight and don't want to pay upfront for a whole grow or even monthly. Please help me it's my dream to grow and making money off it would be amazing I just feel...
  2. gooshpoo

    Opinions please

    What do you guys think 2 more weeks? this is end of week 7 from 12/12 this is granddaddy purple fast version from herbies.
  3. PeachHazelx

    PH issues or Heat stress?

    I’m still fairly new especially with living soil, I sprouted these babies exactly 2 weeks ago and I’m noticing major stunting on my Rainbow Belts. The other girl is GG4 she seems to be doing okay.. I’m growing in living soil, pretty much the coots recipe and each pot is from the same mix of...
  4. X

    Is there something wrong here or is this normal on an auto

    I have brown dry crispy leaves at the tops of each Cola, they've been progressively growing more Brown but I only have a few weeks left of flowering before the plant is done, do I have a serious deficiency? Or is this just normal?
  5. stealthfader508

    2024 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    Hey folks ... sorry for disappearing for a couple years, but it looks like you guys have done a great job of keeping the Mass Outdoor thread alive! I never stopped growing, but dealing with things like running a business, teenage kids, and fighting cancer have all limited my ability to...
  6. M

    How long until reveg starts to sprout new Growth?

    Fellow Farmers, I have some experience growing, but this is my first actual reveg as this plant was Superb! She was harvested 10 days ago. Her leaves are a bit droopy, because I flushed 2 times with PH neutral water. My question - how long does it usually take to start sprouting again?
  7. mikaroni

    How to get rid of algae growing on medium

    Hey everyone! So, I've had a little bit of algae growing on the surface of the soil of my random plants in my grow room. I didn't really think much of it since it hasn't affected my cannabis plants yet. But today, I noticed that there is now algae growing in my cannabis plants soil now on the...
  8. L

    Ready to Chop? - OUTDOORS

    Couldn't really get a good pic with a loupe so had to do with magnifying glass. I think I'm seeing around 10% clear 80% cloudy 10% amber. Bud rot is starting to take effect now that it's cold and wet outside and don't want to lose a ton of buds. Should I chop?
  9. W


    Hey how are you and happy growing.Accepting any advice on mixing dry minerals and living soil.Please and thank you.
  10. Nonnabelle

    Round 2

    I rebuilt my grow tent and started 3 new plants. Day 1 Germination
  11. jackmoo

    what can i do better on

  12. Rubisco456

    Callus Formation in Clones

    Straight up: What is your opinion on the importance and the role that callus formation plays in the cloning process? Do you use callus formation as an indicator of successful clones? Do you care about callus formation? Do you induce its formation? I’ve been doing a lot of research on plant...
  13. max316420

    Trimming machines???

    I’ve come to the point in my growing career where I absolutely despise trimming (been doing it for 20 years) and think it’s finally time to invest in a commercial grade trimming machine. Can anyone recommend a good trimming machine for commercial use that actually works right and doesn’t destroy...

    Grower's Choice Now 40% Off For The Month of September

    Grower's Choice have carved out an exceptional name for themselves as time has gone by. Offering a staggering, consistently high-level selection of fems and autos, it's genuinely hard to pick favourites amongst such an esteemed line up. The beauty of this super September deal is that with these...
  15. CannabisPixie

    Cannabis Pixie

    If you love cannabis and know anything about NFTs, then this is for you. We are helping support the decriminalization of cannabis nationwide!

    66% Off *ALL* Exotic Seed and Kalashnikov Seeds For The Month Of July

    This month we're running something extra special. We don't like picking favourites (at least not publicly) but Exotic Seed and Kalashnikov Seeds are worth prioritising. The former has made it their mission to hunt down and iterate upon prime Spanish and Dutch genetics, leaning on the 20+ years...
  17. BigMoistDaddy

    My first grow. I’ll be transiti

    Started out with a twin seed and was later able to separate and plant
  18. BigMoistDaddy

    It’s been two months since seed and I’m wondering should I a flower now or wait a few more weeks

    I have four plants in a 3 x 3 tent. it’s been two months since seed and it’s been vegging rapidly for one month. So what I’m wondering is should I veg it for a little bit longer or start flowering now since I do have four plants in only a 3 x 3 tent.
  19. Spiveysrevenge

    Taking an indica outside in a month

    This is my second grow. I live in New York state and i've started an indica in a 5 gal bucket. I don't know for sure yet it's a female but for now i'm just hoping. Last year I did this with it on an 18/6 schedule prior to going outside, put it in the ground around may 18th and it worked fine but...
  20. LegacyMarketFarm

    200 LED Lights 7000 Plants

    Hey everyone, I am new to rollitup. I thought this would make a good thread/ introduction. This is the last facility I managed as an on-site manager and assistant master grower. The strains grown here were Pink 2.0, Buffalo Breath, Mandarin Cookies, Cake Crasher, & Divine Bananas. I am going to...