1. Sneex

    400w HPS Orange Cookies

    I been vegging some oranges cookies in 5gal pots coco and perlite 70 - 30 Dyna Grow Nuits Vivsun Tent 400w hps for flowering it was under a shit led for veg im gonna be flipping to flowering soon just tryna grow them alittle more throw my scrog net up and maybe pull some clones before flipping...
  2. D

    Need help with LED choice.

    Hello guys, I would like to get your opinion regarding this led light. I'm currently using a 400w HPS bulb in a 4x4 room growing 4 auto's which cover the whole area.Ive been thinking of changing the HPS for a LED. My main concern is that I want to benefit from the electricity cost reduction...
  3. R

    9 6.5l plants under 600w hps and veg time?

    Hi guys got 9 plants under a 400w mh will be changing to 600w hps after flip. 5 are on day 38 but have another 4 in there on day 31. Got them in 6.5 litre pots should I veg them to 6 week and 5 weeks ? Or 6.5 weeks and 5.5 weeks? Not ideal being a week behind but only option at the minute...
  4. R

    Rust like spots on leaves?

    Anyone know what this might be appeared a few days back can provide more pics if needed, rest of the plant seems to be fine and growth doesn’t seem to be any slower. 400w mh Coco Canna a and b Ph 5.9 - temps 25c and 70% humidity
  5. R

    Help, Plant showing twisted growth?

    Woke up today to my watermelon zkittlez looking kinda deformed in a way hahaha all twisted growth. One of the fan leaves is also showing signs of some form of problem? Growth also looking kinda thin had this problem before but plants needed watered! under a 400w mh in coco with canna a and b...
  6. R

    Is it okay to remove these fan leaves after topping?

    Just topped and the girls seemed to respond great! I’ve got to new shoots coming to the light but a set of fan leaves are in the way of other new growth can I remove these to get light to the shoots and how many leaves can I typically remove after the first top when the plants around 7th node...
  7. R

    Thin/canoeing new growth normal?

    Top growth is kinda thin and cannoeing don’t know if this is normal for new growth, everything else seems to be healthy. Temps are 27 and humidity 70% under 400 mh
  8. R

    Light burn? Woke up today to plants a lot lighter green at tops.

    Hope this is right place to post lol. Transplanted 5 plants about 2/3 days ago so growth has been slowed fed them last night and woke up today to the tops of the plants being a lot lighter than there were yesterday. Moved the light up few inches to be safe for the moment. There under a 400w MH...
  9. S

    Goodbye male plant.

    F for respect.
  10. S

    What gender is this plant? Day 25/26 Other than Fim/Top, possible training methods?

    Seeing conflicting picture information on pistils and sacs.
  11. S

    Day 25 Leaf Edge/stem problems?

    Apologies ahead of time for my wordiness—20 inches under 400w HPS installed yesterday (100w’s of true LED’s used until then.) Fox Farm with Coco. Humidity is about 25% (too low.) Certainly not overwatering, but maybe too much nutrients (have been using first two of Fox Farm Trio) Temperature is...
  12. S

    400w HPS setup, 1 plant, day 23

    I’ve been using only 100w LED’s to this point, which I will add to my new 400w HPS. Any advice on distance between light and plant or other factors? Will also soon transplant from 3 gal to 15 gal pot. Fim was done yesterday. Bag seed. .
  13. Falco & Ness

    Mataro Blue x DP Blueberry | First Indoor Grow

    Hello everyone! Been off the forum for about 9 years (wow..) but now that things are settled I have had the opportunity to start growing indoors. I don't have much experience indoors, only from watching others really...and mostly hydro at that. Vegged for 7 weeks. pH 5.8 - 6.0. Water with tap...
  14. A

    CMH 315W on Sonlight 4D digital ballast 600W HPS power supply (PSU)

    Same as object, can i buy E40 adaptor to T12 to light up a Philips 315W greenpower CMH lamp? If not, why? Thank you.
  15. Merica_Mike

    Ballast Identification

    I have this Digital Electronic Ballast For 400w HPS and MH lamps. I can't seem to find any pictures of it online or even what the brand is. I even searched the model number only to come up with slightly different versions of it. I have a couple questions if anyone on here is familiar with them I...
  16. Buckwheat007

    Coco coir grow tent setup questions??

    Got a couple of questions regarding my set up ive done some research but there are too many different opinions without the experience so ive come to ask you guys. Ok here are my questions. If the temp in the tent is 30 celcius with the door closed and extration fan on is that too hot or should...
  17. G

    Problem with my Think different auto

    Hello fellow growers I have 3 of 4 plants affected by this problem. 400w hps 25l pots Overall plant health is good Last watering 1ml/l Bi Bud 1ml/l Iguana Juice Bloom ph of runnoff 6.6 It progresses really slow on very bottom Picture 1 thats how it starts leaves are droppy they dont lose green...
  18. roor8911

    Organic soil 400w/600w hps cab

    Im back...finally! This will be a constant work in progress updates to follow. *Cab under construction*
  19. roor8911

    Organic soil 400w/600w hps cab

    Im back...finally! This will be a constant work in progress updates to follow. *Cab under construction*
  20. Johnei

    What is the best 400w MH bulb for veg at this time?

    Hey guys, I think I'm using a way too old 400wMH bulb and wasting lots of growth time, and placing the bulb very close to compensate and heat and drying out the RH aroundplants becomes an issue, I need a new bulb. For veg with the 400 I never really made a big deal and just get a generic bulb...