YouTube deleting marijuana related channels

Discussion in 'Marijuana News From Around The Globe' started by MadMel, Apr 28, 2018.


    MadMel Well-Known Member

    Yes you read that right. Marijuana channels like Jorge Cervantes, Lex Blazer, etc... are being taken down. Grasscity however, still seems to be up, but for how long? Leafly too is still up.

    This will make it somewhat harder for many people to learn how to grow marijuana. Unless they do it the old fashioned way, by reading.
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    Wilksey Well-Known Member

    Nah....there's already a competing video share site called "weedtube" people will start using, if not vimeo.

    Regardless, I think it's fucked up as Hogan's goat they pulled those channels, but what do you expect from the same fascist scum that manipulates their search engine to favor those that pay them and outright censor sites that don't agree with their political agenda.

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

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    MadMel Well-Known Member

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    SweatingBullets Well-Known Member

    I saw liquid jade was down but then later back up. I think youtube is giving people their channels back.

    Psyphish Well-Known Member

    I must be getting old... Why the fuck would I want to watch two dudes taking bong hits or some guy talk about acrylic bongs? I guess video sites are good for learning if you're completely illiterate.

    MadMel Well-Known Member

    Lmao!!! I am old. YouTube does have some channels like Jorge Cervantes, a master cannabis grower. Not all of the channels are bs, you just have to look for them.
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    SSR Well-Known Member

    Shame this happened. A few folk i followed still haven't got their channels back and aren't likely to get them back now I'd say.

    Aa for weedtube being an alternative that sites a joke. Folk dabbing and taking bong hits just don't appeal to me lol
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    littlejacob Well-Known Member

    Hi! As an EU resident I enjoy some vids who show cannabis events and new products!!! I don't care about weedtubers who only smoke in front of a camera...i can do it with friends live!!! I like Mendo dope vids and music the SOILKING vids Urban Remo some are interesting and a few more...sorry but CG420 straincentral are not my cup of tea as they only smoke and advertise! I miss so much the Growtube roundtable GTRT with crazy dago/subcool/Gromau5/Jay kitchen/Pedro's growroom...etc!!!
    When you live in a legal state I understand that you don't need to watch these vids to stay in touch with everything that happens in cannabis community but when you are not and you want to stay competitive for the day it will be legal in your country you keep watching and learning!!! Growing is a long learning curve imho! I am 46 and i grow since 98 and i know i will still learn things in 10 years as cannabis growing evolve every year! New tech/nutes/pesticides/micro organisms/strains...etc! So many things have changed since I started growing (LED/organic nutes/fem seeds/auto seeds/SCROG/lst/and many more!) I was happy with my 0.4gpw when I started with T5's and a black bulb for UV...don't laugh it is what people told me to use back in 98!?!
    Have a lifted one

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