Your peppers please!

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    SageFromZen Well-Known Member

    Atta boy! Hoop house all the way! That's what I do here when needed.
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    ruby fruit

    ruby fruit Well-Known Member

    Australia :)
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    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    @ruby fruit, I have manged to keep one of last year's plants alive. They were not inside, just under bushes. The 16F got most of them. But I did plant more seeds this week. No super hots. Just Mammoth Jalapeno, New Mexico Chili, Serrano Chili and Cayenne for the hots. Also lots of Cali Wonder Bells, Grand Bell Mix and Mini Sweet Peppers. I will dig another underground greenhouse when they start sprouting. That is easier than cleaning out a corner of the shed.
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    ruby fruit

    ruby fruit Well-Known Member

    Awesome Larry
    Always liked the way you do the underground greenhouse mate

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    I'm starting my Thai & Caribbean reds tonight from seed IMG_4632.JPG
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    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    I grew the Carib Reds last year. Really good producers. Haven't planted any yet this year.

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    they're already popping I can't wait starting seeds gives you such a better choice than the run of the mill nursery stuff my ground here is really rocky so I dug down with a pick & im blending soil to go in the buckets that have the bottoms cut out I've got a ways to go but I'll get there IMG_4680.JPG IMG_4683.JPG

    OzCocoLoco Well-Known Member

    First time growing chillies,had some good tips from the Aussie chilli king @ruby fruit :)
    ruby fruit

    ruby fruit Well-Known Member

    Mate your doing a fantastic job...for pots and I'm serious they are producing good amounts of chillis for pots.
    I love reapers to make salt
    And those colour scorps make an awesome mango flavoured sauce
    Ripped Farmer

    Ripped Farmer Well-Known Member

    Just dropped seeds for reapers, ghosts, chocolate bhutlah, red moruga trinadad scorpion and naga viper the other day!

    Make chili, hot sauces, salsas, etc. Love growing peppers.

    Works good as a deterrent for unwanted animals in your yard. Just be careful so you dont hurt someone's pet!

    Wilksey Well-Known Member

    I've got some asshole trin scorps, bells, and basic habs that finally decided to start doing some growing, and I still have reaper and bhut seeds I need to get started. I did some bhuts awhile back in 3 galloners in coco, and they did awesome, so I'm sticking with 3 galloners again this year, but using a mix of coco, potting soil, and perlite.

    Anybody have any super hot germ secrets they're willing to share to cut down on the time it takes these slackers to pop?

    Left: Asshole Trin Scorps and bells

    Right: Asshole Habs

    Asshole Trin and bells.JPG Asshole habs.JPG
    Dublin City Diesel

    Dublin City Diesel Member

    Nice OzCocoLoco your outdoor pepper look amazing!
    The scorpion looks like it's going to be a tiny bit spicy...
    Are these growing in full sun? (There seems to be a bit of shade all around)

    I'm growing some jalapeno peppers indoors (Middle of the winter) under a small LED Grow Light
    The pepper are starting to form! ;-)
    Can't wait to eat it on a good homemade pizza!

    Jalapeno Pepper Magic Clover.JPG Jalapeno Pepper Plant Magic Clover.JPG

    Wilksey Well-Known Member

    It took these assholes long enough to get started, but they've finally decided to do some growing.

    Still need to germ some reapers and bhuts.

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    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    I'm way behind you guys. My sprouts are so small, I broke down and bought three Mammoth Jalapeno plants yesterday.


    MikeGanja Active Member

    Looks tasty. Do you have the recipe?

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    You got me beat,I don't know what I'm doing outdoors this year because we haven't f'ing moved yet! Ahhh!!! K, I feel better.
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    xtsho Well-Known Member

    I don't have any fancy peppers just some red and green started. I'll pick up a few other varieties at the nursery when the time comes. I don't have the room to start everything I want. As it is I need to transplant to bigger pots and have no room. I'm sharing my veg tent right now. I picked up a 6 x 8 greenhouse on sale for $80. and already had a couple 100 watt ceramic heaters that screw into a light socket so I will be putting things outside in the next day or two. It's still been dropping to the thirties at night but I think those heaters will provide enough heat.

    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    Most of my peppers from the first planting are doing well. I sheltered them from a couple of frosts in my underground greenhouse. . . . .

    Yesterday I planted Chocolate bells, MIni Sweets, Habanero, and Hatch peppers. A word of caution, especially when using saved seeds. Wear gloves when messing with habs. I sneezed and blew my nose. And you would have though I had laid hot coals on my nose. Damn if it didn't burn for half an hour.
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    i only have a few pepper plants. a jalapeno, a serrano, a banana, and 3 mini sweets.

    i'll get some pics later, as my jalapeno, serrano and banana are outside already.
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    macsnax Well-Known Member

    Chocolate bells sound interesting. What did they taste like?
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