You want Cannabis branches of steel?


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I use flood & Ebb tables. I had salt or whatever buildup before, so I "flush" by adding plain h2o and set to flood every hour for a day or two.
(I should probably change the water after that buy I'm getting lazy AKA It's good enough")

I found out after growing a bit, if you add silica to your plants, do it BEFORE anything else is added.

I added silica and then realized I should flush-so I did with the silica in it anyway for 1-2 days, then add my Jacks.

I flushed at 5 weeks and 10 weeks, added the recommended silica.

So by the end of the grow I could tie branches in knots almost I bet.

After that I've just added silica 2x with pure water for 1 or 2 days. I never had branches like that using silica alternating weeks.

Save $$

. I wouldn't doubt once for 3 days might be enough

As always, this is the internet folks, so believe me & try it or not... :)


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I used to be a ph-nazi, but I watched a lot and read a lot- and grown a lot- I really don't even check ph, mines high from city water, I add 2 TBS of a citric based powder at the last 3 weeks sometimes.
I tried RO water and rain water for years, but then people add stuff to make it germ free ?? WTF use city water then-

Too much into it, it grows the same, say you get 3 oz more? Is it worth the hours and extra money?

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I used it after adding all my nutes, as directed and my pineapple fields have turned out amazing. Mind you, I changed a bunch of stuff, even my lights, but the stem strength is impressive. (First run looks like shit, second run is looking great with 4 or 5 weeks to go)


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when do you stop using it? i used to use the silica armor from Gh but then i got the power Si bloom. it lowers my pH way too much..... do not like using it... even if it is available.... not sure in the end... i quit using anything around week 5 of bloom. new system, new genetics, looks pretty decent. not sure what role the silica played. half these branches have been bent over since week 2 ... they mostly go back but the ones I did in week 5 on didn't recover well.... the branch is healthy but it never stood back up like earlier bends. i poped one that had nothing but skin holding it on and it recovered... silica might have helped... and i defoliate like crazy just to keep these plants under control... I mean its every day cutting or close to it.. till mid way into flower then im about done
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