Yoga and weed??

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Luke Cannabiss, May 8, 2018.

    Luke Cannabiss

    Luke Cannabiss New Member

    I've recently been reading up about using cannabis during yoga and stretching as it helps to relax the mind and muscles in the body. I'm super curious to see what strain what you guys would use during exercise/ yoga? Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa?

    Zagon Well-Known Member

    sativas work good while climbing, or any other good stuff. Just not amnesia or similar ;) I relaxes muscles fast so You can climb next route quicker.
    Luke Cannabiss

    Luke Cannabiss New Member

    Oh wow never even thought about the use of it for that! Definitely will have to try it out. I just found a cool article of this teacher using edibles for yoga, cant post it though :( but check it out it's on a blog, weedbox, pretty interesting!
    But I feel like edibles and climbing would not work for me!! hah

    sandeepk11 Member

    Me too, Never even thought about it and It seems i would be a great integration!
    Joint Monster

    Joint Monster Well-Known Member

    I'm sure it can complement Yoga in many ways. :weed:

    It may help you relax into your positions better/deeper, it may help you focus more on yourself.

    I'd prefer an Indica, as they have more relaxing, calming properties - although if your tolerance is low take it easier or your stretching might turn into sleeping.

    As well, if you are someone who hates indica's and only smokes sativa, then it would probably be better to go with a sativa.

    ticklykayak Active Member

    Yoga is good for calmness rather than flexibility. I do not know much about the relation of weed to yoga. But, I've read a weed yoga classes are trending.

    DrFrankenstien Well-Known Member

    I love "high yoga". I stick with sativas for the clarity and energy. I'm big into power yoga, and it keeps me going and let's me zen out.
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    raggyb Well-Known Member

    I just picked some blueberry which seemed to do well for stretching. My 2 cents. Loving herb for this. My 2 pure indicas seemed to do better on muscles for me than a cbd indica/satia hybrid did, but then I have to cut the paranoia problem so personally I don't want to go to a studio. BB is pure indica I think. Won't be able to test a pure sativa for this for a little bit but if I remember I'll let you know.
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