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    A lot of really alarming things in this article.


    “Prosecutors argue that they were simply enforcing Denver's nuisance abatement ordinance, which allows the city to seize property that has been involved in a crime.”

    “Part of the problem with this ordinance is that it's open completely to the discretion of the city attorney,"

    “After police weighed the seized plants and reported that the haul was over five pounds, the Denver District Attorney charged with possession with intent to manufacture or distribute marijuana and cultivation of marijuana, a felony and misdemeanor, respectively”

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    Charges where dropped but cost the couple $30k in attorney fees and I’m guessing probably aged them 10 years. Over 4 plants in their back yard. Be safe and use your head people, even if you’re within your numbers and especially if you’re not.
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    WOW! What a bummer, at least they were able to get the charges dropped but damn!
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    Nice neighbors too :shock:

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