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    cantbuymeloveuh Active Member

    So I have an issue with my herb not having that "dank" smell. I have tried multiple strains, maybe 8 now and haven't found the one. I have experimented with different grow mediums, DWC and soil, along with advanced nutrition, general hydro, dyna gro and a "water only" kind soil run. I have followed the drying and curing process to a T. All have produced great results in terms of medicating but none have produced that stink people associate with strong meds. Is it a matter of popping 20+seeds and veggin them out and cull the weakest smelling ones? And just keep popping seeds until that special one shows up? Am I right in thinking that the meds at dispensary are clones of that special girl and I should not expect every plant to have a strong scent. After several grows this is starting to bother me. Thanks

    517BlckBerry Well-Known Member

    genetics. go get you some top shelf genetics. then make sure you're giving your plant all the proper sugars and nutes they need to produce the terpenes that they are able to produce. get yourself some Mycos like Great White or Mammoth that really helps with uptake and this "dankness" you speak of

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    Are you dry or wet trimming?
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    cantbuymeloveuh Active Member

    Mainly wet trimming, the get the fan leaves pulled and a light trim. I hang the entire plant.

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    Try a dry trim, it holds aroma better. It's more work too

    Archcity420 Member

    Dry TRIM Worked best for me.

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