Yeah! It's Bud Worm Season. Pics

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    CrazyChester Well-Known Member

    Chowing down on your buds at this very moment. At least their chowing down on mine. I hit them with some with some BT this evening.

    I have a question or two for those who have used BT in the past. Does it effect the quality of the weed. (Taste, Buzz....) And is it really safe for smoking. How long do you have to wait after spraying before you harvest. I've been using BT on my garden for decades without any problems but I always wash the food I grow before I eat it. But I'd have to be crazy to wash my weed before smoking it. Though I could give it a little spray down a few days before harvest. Any suggestions?

    Here's some pics of my two plants progress. You can see the damage done to one of the buds and one of our crawly little pests.

    If anyone has any idea of the strains I'm growing I'd sure like to know.

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    KushKing949 New Member

    i hate them bastards i have to go out into my garden every morning with latex gloves and tweasers and pick the fuckers outta my sweet smelling buds and clean up the mess they made if that means chopping and throwing away buds i also find tons of eggs as well and fuck its just so many..good thing i got alot of colas that arent infested yet im not afraid to dig into my sticky buds to make sure they are clean this is my first grow and i will be prepared for em next yr.
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    bterz Well-Known Member

    wtf I thought this was all stuff up north.

    If your plants are in pots does this reduce the chance of getting them....

    Damn im scared now!!

    KushKing949 New Member

    if your outdoors u have a good chance of getting them unless u were prepared i wasnt so i got them i have to search my buds everyday and i find tons its gross

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    For budworms, you should spray your plants every 3 weeks with BT, a beneficial bacteria, throughout their veg state, and the first half of flowering. That will keep the worms from growing on your plants. And that way, you don't have to spray your ripening buds.

    BT will affect the taste of your bud if used too late in the season. It's just fine to wash your plants before harvest. Even my indoor plants are sometimes taken outside on harvest day and sprayed down well with a fine spray, and then dried for a couple of hours and harvested.

    HTH :mrgreen:

    KushKing949 New Member

    i think my buds are too far along for me to be spraying BT on em

    CrazyChester Well-Known Member

    The buds on my infested plant are about three weeks out from harvest so I'll hit it again in about 10 days then let it finish. My other plant is about 4 to 5 weeks out so I might have to hit it twice. If I remember correctly fdd sprayed his last year up until about two or three weeks before harvest. Am I correct on that fdd?
    I've sprayed my tomatoes with BT in the evening and harvested the next morning with no problems. I'm not to afraid of toxic problems because BT is considered an organic pesticide. I'm more worried about flavor.
    Dan Nabis

    Dan Nabis Well-Known Member

    I think I would dry those worms out and crush em up into a bowl and puff away.

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    I couldn't quite determine how big that bud worm was. A week or two ago I found a little brown caterpillar thing in one of my girls, and I picked it off. Now I'm noticing that I have what locals call "meat bees" picking through my plants, and I'm wondering if they're finding and eating more of these little things I found. It was between 1/4"-18" long.

    What's the BT, or the bacteria that are in it?

    Are the GrowFAQs back up yet?

    KushKing949 New Member

    why in the world would you do that?????? i would seriously like to see you do it. I think it would be funny.:wall: and a lil dee dee dee !

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    I had to chop the colas off of two of my best plants and harvest early beacuse of these bud worms. What happends is, butterfly moths lay there eggs in the bud and a week or so later you get the worms that eat your bud and there excriment is what rots the bud from inside out.
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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i've been spraying Bt at least once a week. i will spray until the last 2 weeks or so. we have foggy evenings in the fall so it rinses everything.

    Blazingimmortals Active Member

    Monterey Insecticide with spinosad use that make sure you spray them good once a week until them little buggers are no more this stuff is so good it will kill the larvae :clap:

    It will not interfere with taste :)

    Good Luck
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    madcow Well-Known Member

    put a scarecrow up it'll scare away all the moths!!! :)
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    madcow Well-Known Member

    in Canada where I am anyway we don't have this problem.u still see the odd Caterpillar around but the moths are done laying eggs by now,lucky i guess.if any one knows about this pls enlighten me!! :)
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    stonerbean Well-Known Member

    wow dude ur plants are nice. wouldn't mind smokin that lol
    but negative on the worms n moths, i dont know about them but those aren't our friends. =(
    thats gotta suck.
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    otisroundtree Well-Known Member

    BT to the worreis man it will need to really drench those buds with a sprayer. This is also a good time to find the weak spots that may break off when those things pack weight the final 2 weeks and the wind and rain picks up...just tie em up if they get to leanin'. You see how that thing is embedded in the bud so really get them soaking wet!
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    blackout Well-Known Member

    man i have never seen bugs like that in my buds in oz ,fucking horrilble litter critters.
    we do get cabbage moths though ,but i put down large broken eggshells ,and they are supposed to think they are other cabbage moths so stay away,that could be utter crap ,but the shells are good for the garden eventually ,and i have never seen them in my plants ,and hope never too ,maybe we dont get them here.??
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    CrazyChester Well-Known Member

    The first two pics show the type of damage done to the three buds in question. Now that I've sprayed, should I remove the damaged buds?

    Thanks fdd for your comment. I remembered correctly your advise from last year.
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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    yes, remove any damaged bud. if the dead or damaged bud gets wet it starts to rot. you have to get all the bug poop outta there as well. it will cause rot and mildew.
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