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Selection: 6 Not as many as legitimate companies but carry ones that they don't.
Price: 8 Some stuff is spectacular and some is about average.
Service: 0
Stealth Rating: 0 small ziplock baggies in a small bubble envelop
Would you order from the same bank again: NO

Other Comments: I found out about them from this site a year ago. I joined because I was interested in some Cali strains that weren't available anywhere else except the farm and had read about problems over there. I was a member for a year. I was skeptical of the payment method but tried a single pack order. It was worth a $100 to me to see if they were legit. I did receive those back in December. Breeders started getting banned but I just figured RIPZ and they were having differences. 2nd order was in April. I sent my cash out two days before the volcano. I saw RIPZ banning people who were rightfully asking where their stuff was. He always insisted we keep it in pm's(which I did). Swerve was screwed a few days after I mailed my payment. I ordered a bunch of his stuff and some of RIPZ own crosses. For three months I would pm him about once a week and he would say this week. A week later I would pm and ask if he got them out. He always had an excuse. I never disrespected him b/c that would ensure I never saw my $570 again. Last Thurs he stated that he would get them out Friday. I checked Mon and couldn't log in. Site said I was banned until this Friday(Today) as they were checking if mine was a duplicate account(I was one of the original members). Yesterday I joined the collective and saw everyone that had been banned. I mentioned on there that it appears I'm out $600. I received a pm today that he was on PP and saw that my account had been deleted. Believe me or not but that's my story.


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I believe you very much. That sucks so bad you got hit. The canna rubbed me wrong at first but that has been ironed out and I am going to give them a shot I think here soon.



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POST AND RE POST FOR THE PEOPLE WHO STILL USE... i still dont get why anyone would go with a name like that... come on man they pimpin the mother herb.


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Check it out fellows, ordered 2 packs of OG Raskals White Fires about 5 months ago. Recieved order within a week after Ripz had my funds. Quick turnaround but guess what? Motherfucker gave me some shit beans. OG Raskals white fires are all female seeds, this junk I got 4 females out of 13 seeds and most plants looked sativa dominant. So I highly doubt OG Raskal would put out this crap, it had to be that lowlife thieving scumbag who is running that shithole called potpimp. So FUCK YOU RIPZ and paybacks are a bitch, bitch!!!!!


stays relevant.
Who cares about the name of the business, it's about the quality of the product, price, and the service... Is it not?


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I was allowed in, sent a pm asking why I was banned and for a tracking number. Today I am permanently banned as he thinks I'm Stoney Montana. I don't know if the boy genius doesn't understand how proxies work or if all the people he has stolen from, confuse his memories. Stealing from hard working people and the sick. You will have problems.