WTF to do with used grow stuff

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by nurrgle, Sep 12, 2018.


    nurrgle Well-Known Member

    What is everyone doing without old/used grow equipment these days? Stuff builds up quick as things change. I used to use craigslist but here in Denver it is flooded with people dumping shit for pennies as the market keeps dropping.

    I was thinking I would just drop all my old magnetic ballasts at the recycler as well as plastic stuff like pots and irrigation. Does anyone know if I could get money for those that way?

    Maybe eBay for nicer things I guess.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Copper in the magnetics makes them worth salvaging. But give it away. Put it on the curb. Make some poor fucker's day.
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    Herb & Suds

    Herb & Suds Well-Known Member

    I put my 4 magnetic ballast out and I heard the driver of the garbage truck exclaim "SWEET' as he loaded them up LOL

    La-Dred Member

    I have bought many a used item from my local grow shop, maybe you have one that buys used equipment?
    I've also bought used stuff from ebay, so that works too.
    Just please, please don't sell used bulbs as new. Been down that road twice now.

    Banana444 Well-Known Member

    Sold some, gave some away. Used them to heat the garage and start my garden early. Keep one or 2 just in case, ya never know what could happen and all the sudden you find you could use one for something.
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    SoMe_EfFin_MasS_HoLe Well-Known Member

    What do else do you have that you're looking to get rid of? My setup is just about complete but I've got a friend on a tight budget that is looking for things.
    Herb & Suds

    Herb & Suds Well-Known Member

    I looked like a pack rat till I finally decided if I need it, I will replace with new...The industry moves so fast , I'm waiting to see what is next generation beyond Cobb lights
    Maybe deflected sunshine LOL
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    Herb & Suds

    Herb & Suds Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't have been practical to ship those big magnetic ballast ...sorry

    SoMe_EfFin_MasS_HoLe Well-Known Member

    I know that lol he travels out you way twice a month to see his family. That's the only reason I ask. Yeah obviously he could find stuff here but I figured I would ask to help another member out and help him as well.

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    I generally give it away if Its worth a shit still. If not I recycle it.
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    nurrgle Well-Known Member

    I suppose I’ll give away most of it. Maybe keep the light controllers and Co2 gens.
    All the grow places here are full of stuff. They would probably buy those though.

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