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    sometimes you catch people on a bad day....and some people just seem to have a lot of bad days....ignore people who are being asshats, and focus on the ones who aren't.
    i've been known to have a bad day now and then myself.....usually when i and half a dozen other people have just explained something as plainly as humanly possible, and someone seems to not be getting it, almost on purpose.....
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    Harvesting next Monday. Not bad for fried plants. 12 more just like this one or bigger. Granddaddy purps momma’s in the background

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    E0214338-F68F-44E0-81CC-166FE41C6A72.jpeg EE6CCEF1-382B-4921-9472-D07B084425E2.jpeg 4A7808FB-7A64-4B87-842B-2005FC9F49FD.jpeg 36B67802-AECB-460A-B49F-A2F2CF331A25.jpeg Ended up with just over 5 ounces. Not bad for some seriously fried plants as you all remember and have been following. Wanted to try it out because the smell was insane. Smoked a quarter of a joint and got so high I had to put it out. Critical thunder is definitely one of the strongest strains currently out there. And the buds are super frosty. Would definitely grow it again now that I have a handle on autos!
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