Would a SSRI prevent someone from getting high.

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by jonl92, Oct 7, 2018.


    jonl92 Active Member

    I've been taking a SSRI for 7 years, yes I know they're horrible I tried to properly get off it once but that just made my anxiety go to 11/10 for like 3 weeks. Anyway would the affects a SSRI has on someone prevent them from getting high. ive been trying to get high for 3 days as a noobie and nothing. I'd like pot to have positive benefits for me so I can try and get rid of the crap pills.

    torontoke Well-Known Member

    No they have zero effect.

    Jacob_ Active Member

    I’ve been on an ssri for 20+ yrs. They have zero effect on the high mj produces in my opinion.

    SexForBreakfast Active Member

    I take Sertraline without issues. Watch out for things like dmt lsd or mushrooms though I've read SSRI's can interact with them

    jonl92 Active Member

    Ah, Sertraline that's the poison I'm on now. I was on [email protected] for 7 years horrible stuff, I tried others with and out [email protected] , it was the only one that helped somewhat. But Sertraline does help some it is also the first pill to work in helping me get off [email protected]

    Turns out the name of the drug pax1l is banned

    SexForBreakfast Active Member

    CBD and weed helps so much more than sertraline does at least for me. But when I get off it for a month I realize it helps more than I thought lol

    Weird how that's a banned word lol. Maybe they were sent a letter asking them to edit it? Like when you walk into dispensaries and see weed labeled "[email protected]@KIES" and its clearly a forum cut lol

    jonl92 Active Member

    The strain I'm smoking is slightly more CBD then thc but I find it is helping me alittle, I ate a pot cookie and I had the best sleep of my life that night. I plan to get off of sertraline, I cut myself down from 75 mg to 50mg and after 5 days I'm guessing my body knew I was up to no good and I started getting headaches and felt like I had a fever I'm guessing it's was from the dosage change it was similar to when you miss a day or two or try the wean off of a ssri, I took Tylenol but it didn't work,fresh air didn't help, but a pot cookie did, headache was gone and I felt better no more fever feeling until the weed wore off.. So I'm hoping cannabis can help me get off the ssri's for good .

    SexForBreakfast Active Member

    I'm taking 100mg and stopped all at once, but didnt have any withdrawals just way too anxious. I've read high cbd amounts (like a gram of rso a day) actually helps withdrawal if that's something you're struggling with do some more reading about it :).

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