Worst panic attack, help??

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    hi there, I'm kinda freaked out by what happened last night and I thought I'd share somewhere and maybe someone had a similar experience I dunno.

    Yesterday I had a smoke from a friend and it wasn't the same kind of weed I'm used to (sativa? I don't know aaa). Sorry I'm kinda dumb about it, I usually just smoke when my boyfriend is around because I struggle with several mental illnesses and he knows how to make me feel better/safe in case things go wrong so I'm used to the one he gets.

    I'm aware drugs make some of my symptoms worse but I still use them because of reasons. Weed has been helping me have less panic attacks and quit smoking cigarettes but last night was the worst and I'm trying to understand what happened cos it was pretty scary.

    I was doing alright for the first 10 minutes and then I noticed a twitching on my thumb that wouldn't go away, tried to explain to my boyfriend and I got even more paranoid because I thought it wasn't really happening and I was seeing things. but then I started getting more twitches and just the thumb was making me feel really uncomfortable. I started feeling very dizzy and lightheaded as if I was going to faint and also sick. Then I couldn't breathe at all and I struggled to breathe for like 15 minutes and I was close to throwing up. Couldn't move much or talk. My hands and feet were really cold and so my lips and my gums. I was pale and I stg I thought I was going to die. Just like in any panic attack but this was worse than I've ever had. My boyfriend helped me lay down and I watched some cartoons and turned the heater on until I could breathe again and I didn't feel so cold. After a while I started feeling better again and had a awful tummy and chest ache but now I'm doing fine I guess.

    Can't tell if it was the type of weed we smoked or if it was because of my symptoms. i'm thinking of quitting but I don't know how to cope with certain things in a different way other than getting high now because I can't afford meds.

    Sorry for the long post I'm a mess.
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    Amateur123 Member

    You should try more of indica strain weed it will keep u relaxed. Since I see ur using weed for medicinal purpose i would go for high CBD strain
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    I think Amateur123 is right Aquamars.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Muscle tremors is a known side effect of THC consumption.
    Be strong!

    BRANDON77 Well-Known Member

    thc with low cbd can cause panic attacks...i keep a clonazepam handy for the couple times a year it happens to me. I live the uppy effect from sativas so its a risk that I take. If you dont want to have a backup then ide stick to indicas as described above, they have a good percent of cbd in them and if you can get a strain like acdc or harlequin then ide try those and see if those do you well. I also supplement 2 ML's a day in the am of Jaydens Juice which is a CBD tincture.

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    this is pretty much why I stopped smoking.

    a lot of people who smoked for years, all of a sudden reach this point where they cant smoke anymore. no reason, nothing different. it just over night does not have the same effect anymore.

    this has happen to lots of people, there is no explanation for it.

    I cant go back, I can take very small smoke tastes and doking is ok, but I can not have a session anymore.

    I know panic attacks, Xanax is the only thing that works for me know. I only take when I have really bad ones like this one.
    Johnny Vapor

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    Anxiety is a side effect of some, not all, Sativas and Sativa dominants. Anxiety can easily turn into a panic attack. As others have suggested, try Indicas. No anxiety and you sleep like a baby.

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