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    wow will it really need that much clearance? i was thinking like 20" was gonna be sufficient LOL

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    2000 umols at 24" is far too much light for a plant. You would have to double that height to get it down to usable levels, IMO.
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    He was asking about a specific light and no one answered his question; just gave other suggestions. I was wondering about this light too... no way you would need 4 ft of clearance. 20-24 inches is sufficient.
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    I really love the specs on the lamp in the first post-1000 PPF from 136W consumed. That makes this thing about 3x more efficient than anything out there...WHY DIDN'T I WAIT???

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    And its probably false advertising like most led's on the market....
    look at some companies that ARE formed consisting on members on this site..
    horticulture lighting group would be one of them.

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    Draw Watt: 136 Watts
    HPS/HID Watt Equivalent: 300 Watts

    Creative math. You cannot create 300 watts from 136 watts without defying the laws of physics.
    What they do is use the 5 watt LEDs add up the number of LEDs and multiply by 5.
    There is no way they are powering those LEDs at their max.
    Can you get 1000 PPFD from a 300 watt HPS? No. When it's too good to be true, it's not true.
    The foot print is too small, you would have very poor uniformity.
    90° lenses directs the light down and the edges of the grow area will not get much light.

    What is this really? 136 wall watt. Power supply efficiency is likely less than 90% leaves 122 watts
    A Bridgelux CoB 31v 1 amp (31 watt) = 2232 lumens
    122 wall watts / 31 watts = 3.9 CoBs * 2232lm = 8784 lumens.
    51 lumens per dollar.

    No. You do not want this fixture.

    You cannot beat strips of LEDs. They spread the light and the heat generated.
    For $250 you could build a kick ass fixture with Bridgelux Gen2 EB strips and a Mean Well driver.

    BXEB-L1120Z-35E4000-C-B3 typical lumens per watt = 175 lm/W $14ea x 7 = $98.00
    1.4A x 7 ≈ 10A
    Max Vf = 41V.
    A Mean Well driver would run ≈ $140-$150.

    7 strips @1.1A = 7500 lm = 53,536 (plenty of margin)
    A 400W Phillips HPS is about 50,000 lm
    You can run these at 1.4 Amp
    You can easily get 60,000 lumens out of 7 strips. 240 lumens per dollar.
    They run cool and do not need a heatsink.
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    You are tripping.
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    Good for mood lighting in the bedroom........ that's it

    Outdated cxb and some epiwhatever pucks, lucky to break 25% system efficiency. BS center point value, tight lenses to achieve that, coverage area suffers big time. HID is a better option without question. ....... no, not worth your $$ imo.

    Good luck
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    Well the one i was looking at draws ~350 watts from the outlet, with "800 watt equiv"... which i know that watts in = yield output, i know that the "800 watt equiv" is BS.

    I was more curious about the lights that were in it and if they were any good.

    i run all HPS currently (MH in veg) and regarding LED, i've been more interested in losing the heat during the summer and swapping out my HPS for the warmer portions of the year. I know you need to draw the same amount of watts regardless of the fixture that you use to get the same yield/output. power is power!

    so if you had to recommend a preassembled unit, what would it be? I have enough hobbies on top of going to school and I don't have time to start learning how to build my own LED fixtures lol.

    i appreciate all the input everybody.
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    You grow at that kind of light levels at the canopy?

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    not really. id use hps or cmh over that
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    For whatever reason, the first time I looked at the link, it pulled up the specs for the 2300W version, that states 2200 uMol/m2/s at a canopy height of 24". Thats the info I based my original comment on. That's photo inhibition levels...

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    that is incorrect. you can replace your 1000W of HPS with 700W of (HQ) LED and get the same amount of light and a lot less heat in the room. if you needed the same input power to get same yields nobody would be using LED there would be no justification for the cost premium.
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    that makes sense. thanks for correcting my misinformation!

    is there a specific thread on here or web link you would/could recommend to me so I can kinda educate myself properly on this subject? I definitely wanna get some LEDs for the summer season!
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