With the insane MM laws, might as well not even have MM in Jersey

Discussion in 'New Jersey Patients' started by profoundstoner, Sep 23, 2012.


    profoundstoner Member

    The laws are so silly here. It's not like in California, Oregon, or Colorado.
    In my opinion if the MM laws aren't like those states then what is the point in having Medical Marijuana.

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    What, you're not happy with 10% max THC?

    laced23z Active Member

    Yea it's a joke u guys can't grow ur own

    Jersey'sFinest Active Member

    Agreed. I grew up in Toms River and am moving back to the East Coast this year. Would love to set up on LBI but it's not going to happen with Jersey's ridiculous med mj law. It's a a complete farce. Hence I'm Rhode Island bound. Pretty pathetic when you can't go Home after a few years in the desert for fear of jailtime for a growroom. Why would I want to pay for it when I am perfectly capable of growing my own?! And 10%? Sounds like the schwag brick mexi I used to get in the way early 90s before I had access to B'sters and finally True Headies. Nah, I'll take my 6 Jack Herer and 6 Mr. Nice flowering perpetually in Rhode Island instead. Thanks for nothing, "Garden State.":clap:

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