winter outdoor growing anyone?


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Has anyone got experience on growing outdoors in winter time?

i live in the uk, so temps can range from +8c to -10c from dec onwards. just wondered if anyone has ever tried it, and how frost resistant is pot?


to intice people to respond, + rep for decent info/links to anything. thanks again :weed:


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Since cannabis is acclimated to virtually every growing region on Earth, I'm sure there are frost resistent varieties, but I wouldn't let any strain mature enough to have buds frost.

Have you thoguht about a small greenhouse for stealth with a thermostat controlled oil heater?


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hey bro i live in uk and since this year was a outdoor grower now gone indoor round here i think outdoor is hard! any time close to winter every year i pull up in nov but once i did 10 skunk no1 and left till end of november and all died from FROST! like smokinrav said greenhouse would be perfect but tbh mate i just think you will struggle alot outdoor is hard as you know if you do them so many problems happen think thats the biggest reason i switched to indoor more controllable especially if your like me and do 30 cous you know your going to lose some its alot of effort but hey bro if we dont have an awfull winter give it a bash id just put 2 out now then wait till the begging of the season to put out your rest :) well sorry for babbling on bro still fucking pist about last night went ott on my trimming of my blueberry :(


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the other issue with growing during the winter in the northern hemisphere is the photoperiod...plants would go into flower pretty soon after breaking ground...but might get confused if they go to long and the days get longer again ;)


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I am doing outdoor now, my crop is vegging outside with additional lighting at night. The weather seems to slowed growth, and I had rabbits eat about 30% of my vegging plants so far (bastards go past the fence somehow??). My location doesn't frost much, 32 latitude doesn't even snow, but gets cold at night I think only frosts a few times a year.

Will let everyone know how it goes :)


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yeah, i did think of that messah, i just assumed it would be like putting the plants on 12/12 from seed. thanks for everyone that answered! +rep to you all. :)


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im in the uk doing an outdoor grow just now, its in a greenhouse but seems to be coping pretty well with the frost lately. link to it in my sig if you wanna check it out


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Plants grow best in temps of 24-26 in or out, sorry bro but you would be struggling to grow there in summer(north england). Forget it and go indoor and stay there.