Win Barneys Farm Mimosa Evo From Gorilla Seeds - 2 Prizes


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I've tried a few Barney's Farms strains, and they were decent. I'd be interested in trying this particular one just because of the taste and smell description.


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cool christmas give away!
Haven't tried any of barnies yet but count me in. I've tried mimosa before and it is some great herb, I wonder how different mimosa evo will be


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Barneys Farm Mimosa Evo looks spectacular. Great thc content and yields.
Barneys Farm has nice strong healthy plants. Thanks GSB and BF.


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I've grown a couple different Barneys I always have fast vigorous growth. There blue gelato 41 is a Tasty one. I would love to try their Mimosa Evo!! I got a Runtz Muffin stuffed in my small closet and just flipped a week ago and looking good. Thanks for another chance Big G!! :bigjoint: