Will these plants recover? Diagnosis ??


Hello, I posted on here the other day about some weird plant issues I was having. The new growth on my plants was extremely weird and small. I at first thought it was a nutrient problem but I ended up thinking it was humidity problem. I have my environment, ph, ecs, everything back on track and these plants don’t seem to be recovering well. They seem to be reaching for the light and bending over and that doesn’t seem right as I have more than enough light and not too far away from the plants. It primarily does this in the later half of the day, when I wake up they always seem pretty normal. It shouldn’t be light stress either as this is only a 315 watt cmh and the environment is 78-82 with 60% rh . I should note that every plant is doing this to an extent, and I have various genetics in here. They were worse about 5 days ago and I’ve slowly got everything back on track (small ph problem, vpd was way off) and they are in recovery mode as of now. But these two in the pics dont seem to be recovering at the same rate or really at all, and the née growth is still tacoing/folding. As for extremely stunted growth like shown, do you guys think this will recover or should I just top them and start from scratch as far as the tops go? I’m planning to just take clones off all these anyway so I’m not too worried about topping them if I have to. Has anyone had this happen to them before? I’ve been growing for a while and this is the first time this has happened to me like this.
8x4 grow tent
Running just one 315 w cmh
Athena nutrients @1.1 ec, 6.2 ph
Power si
Room temp 77-84
RH 55-70%
I spray Athena IPM with CalMag and Power Si mixed 2x weekly as well.
18/6 light cycle. Any help would be appreciated!