Will I be able to get a card/chronic back pain

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    About 14 years ago, I herniated my entire L5-S1 disc due to a lifting injury at work. I had a microdiscectomy surgery via Workmans Comp soon after my injury. The MD back then just reomved the disc fragments, but didnt place an artifial disc since it was probably more involved and expensive for Workmans Comp type injuries. Its never been the same since. I have back pain just about every day. Some days it is bearable, but ive basically learned to just deal with it. Taking an Aleve or Advil helps to some degree, but there are days where I juat cant get comfortable no matter what. Car rides more than a few hours are torture without stopping every 2 hours or so. I looke back to an MRI from 2007. I have some stenosis (narrowing and also some other mentions of bulging discs. Since this MRI was so long ago, and since I dont just see a MD for meds since I feel like it wont help anyways, will it be likely that Id be able to obtain an MMJ card? Will I need to go through another MRI since it's been 11 years since the last one? I'm sure my back is probably only worse anyways since the one in 2007. Sorry for the long story. Just want to know where I should go to try and see if I can try the MMJ. I'd rather try this than take liver killing pain meds. Thoughts? Thanks is advance.

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    Where do you live?

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    Fountain Hills, AZ

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