Will cannabis actually fight cancer?

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    My aunt was just diagnosed with lung cancer, she has a 6 cm growth in one lung. I have heard numerous claims in the media that cannabis oil has been used in successful treatments of the disease, but before I present the idea to her (who is ultra conservative) I want to have some scientific evidence that there may be a link. My buddy pointed out an interesting fact a few years ago, nobody he has ever known who smoked pot has ever died of cancer, and neither I nor the other 5 people in the room could think of one either, but could it be a statistical fluke or is there scientific evidence? If someone could link to some peer reviewed data it would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you put a search term in google then at the end add ncbi. The ncbi will return medical journals. Found quite a few relevant to medical marijuana in regards to cancer. Hope this helps.

    Here's one that covers lung cancer.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. I wish her the best of luck with her treatment and recovery!

    The thing that is important to realize about cancer is that, unlike many other diseases, it is very complex in the fact that it is actually not a single disease at all, but a collection of many different diseases which all lead to uncontrolled proliferation of cells. The resulting cancerous tissues eventually invade healthy organs and interrupt their normal function, leading to death.

    One bit of advice I can give is that when you go searching for peer-reviewed medical evidence, make sure you thoroughly read and accurately interpret the studies you are looking at. Many people have the tendency to misinterpret scientific studies, especially when it comes to "in vitro" and "in vivo" results. Often times you see studies showing that a particular compound has particular effects "in vitro", which is Latin for "in glass" and means that the effects were observed in cultured cells in a test tube, not in a living organism of any kind. Successful in vitro results sometimes mean, but do not always mean successful in-vivo results (in vivo tests are those carried out in living organisms).

    The claim that "nobody who smokes pot has ever died of cancer" is 100%, absolutely false, although cannabis use itself is not in any way associated with cancer.

    The fact of the matter is, even if there is adequate evidence to suggest that a compound has therapeutic potential against cancer, as is the case with many Cannabinoids, there is no "silver bullet". To date, there is no substance that will magically "cure" any and all cancers, and due to the very nature of cancer as a disease, there likely never will be.

    When it comes to Cannabis, the evidence suggesting that it has anti-proliferative (anti-cancerous) activity is very strong, but it should still only ever be used as part of a treatment regime and not as a standalone treatment.

    Might I recommend that if you wish you help your aunt succeed in her recovery with more natural methods and don't think she would be accepting towards the idea of Cannabis, there are other options. Cannabis is just one of many plants that contain pharmacologically active substances. In fact, Taxanes, which are commonly prescribed as chemotherapy agents in the treatment of some types of cancer, are natural compounds extracted from the Yew tree. As a precautionary side note, do not attempt to use your own home-made yew concoctions. I'm not saying you would do this, as it's not like these products are widely available, but just so you are aware it is deadly if used incorrectly by someone who is not an extremely skilled medical professional.

    One of the most effective, and safest "natural" treatments for cancer are a group of polysaccharides and beta-glucans found in medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, etc. More accurately, these compounds are immunostimulants that stimulate your bodies natural immune response against cancer cells. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, which, if I am not mistaken, is recognized as the worlds most renowned cancer treatment facility, actually uses an adjuvant cancer therapy based on these naturally occurring polysaccharides alongside conventional chemotherapy to 1) help the immune system identify and kill cancer cells and 2) reduce the negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

    I personally have been taking Chaga mushroom for the past 6 or 7 years. I harvest it wild as it grows wild around here and I live in a rural area with lots of forests, but it is widely available online. It's one of the only "herbal remedies" I would ever actually recommend to someone. I personally have a lot of experience with it, and people from all corners of the world have been consuming this stuff in one way, shape or form for over a millennium. Its one of the better researched "natural remedies" out there. Its also great because it has virtually no taste, despite it being a brown/black mushroom with a very frightening appearance.

    Another option is high CBD hemp. Most of the studies suggesting that Cannabis has anti-proliferative activity actually point to CBD and CBD-A as being the most promising candidates, which makes your average high THC cannabis a relatively poor option in comparison. High CBD hemp extracts are 100% non-psychoactive and, obviously, do not come with the same social stigma as Cannabis.

    New Age United

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    Thanks a lot, I've actually tried Chaga and can get it here no problem, not sure about Texas. But I do agree other than appetite thc has little effect on chemo treatment. Maybe CBD or CBDA would be more effective.

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    im not a scientist but i treat people locally with advice and oils and theres a few people having some very high success. with that said, heres what i recommend- first and foremost DIET is MOST important. you literally cant do anything positive for your body that lasts without a good diet and its that simple. Someone with a sickness of any kind- needs to be on a STRICT vegan raw diet of NOTHING but plant based foods. This creates an alkaline environment in the body and nothing negative can live in an alkaline body. Now once you alkalize, you start taking a very well-made cannabis oil that has been infused with coconut oil. If in michigan :CROWN CAPS: are the best ones ive found. This allows the thc cbd to pass through the blood brain barrier and dose the body as much as it can. I would recommend at least 150mg of pure thc/cbd every 24 hours. I would take more than that if i had cancer.. dont mess around with life. Combine this treatment with staying WARM- it might sound stupid but the body thrives a lot more when your environment is warm- even hot. When treating people i recommend they frequently visit saunas, take extremely hot showers, and dont ingest ANY type of processed foods or processed sugars. These make cancer thrive and some even say cancer could never happen in the first place without sugars and bad foods. I hope everything ends up going good. I bet my life on it if your aunt follows what i said completely, she will be fine, unless of course its her time.. blessings be with you both.
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    also i need to add, none of this helps like it should if someone is doing chemo or any treatment the doctors give you that isnt natural. those treatments are killing your body. the body is the host, the body needs to be the thing you make strongest.

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    New Age United

    New Age United Well-Known Member

    She's being treated at the University of Texas and I'm hoping they'll do imuno therapy rather than chemo. Thanks for your advice. I recently came across some strong scientific evidence that thc does kill cancer cells. Let's hope she'll hear me out.
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    Lung cancer rates in Jamaica are disproportionately low. I had a friend who loved to smoke herb die of breast cancer at 39. She had a lot of other risk factors though. Silicone breast implants, Marlboro Light, years of birth control use, poor diet, lack of exercise and her mother had also died of cancer. I think genetics plays a big role when it comes to cancer as well. Rick Simpson oil has a lot of supporters out there as well as alkaline water.
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    THe thing is most people are not financially in a position to buy the amount of oil that is recommended as a cure/therapy. It is a small secondhand car's money.
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    My mom had had two different types of super aggressive cancers. She is old-time people, no weed for her. She went the normal medical route of surgery, radiation and chemo (which is a sort of living death), and has been clean for almost ten years since the last one. Smoked and drank all her life (she gave up the smokes now)

    So it is not like these people don't cure some.
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    Check Rick Simpson oil (RSO) with THC about 35% or higher. There was a place in San Fran that was a dispensary that was providing it to a relative with advanced prostate cancer. They were taking it via suppository with some coconut oil added.
    The oral pills made them too high. The suppositories helped a lot but I think they stopped because it was still making them high.

    There was a ladies group in California that helped but I lost the name. I searched around for some other ideas for you.

    Please note these links have nothing to do with me. I just did a quick search.


    There are more than a few people on Craigslist in Colorado who make and sell RSO. It is hard to know who is good.

    517BlckBerry Well-Known Member

    this bothers me a ton. my cousin died from a brain tumor because we couldnt afford to get her the best oils and the best diet...i believe she would still be here if money was no object.
    i hope to be in a position where i can donate large amounts of quality THC oil to patients fighting for their lives. Anyone growing large amounts of cannabis NOT doing this, is kind of a piece of shit in my opinion... not sure why customers support some of these growers that dont give a shit about anyone...
    but anyways, yea its possible to go the DR route and end up healthy, but ive seen way more cases of people doing things natural and ending up extremely healthy.
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