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    Hey all and Happy Thanksgiving! Looking for some knowledge from anyone that has grown wild strawberries or strawberries in general. My understanding is that there can be different kinds of strawberries like there is different kinds of weed...photoperiod or autos or multi-crop in a season.

    Regardless, I grabbed a couple of strawberry clippings back in August and have been growing them along with my herb. The plants are doing great, bunches of runners and volunteer plants, but no fruit. These are are cuttings from some of the smallest, tastiest fruit that mother nature has ever produced, and I'm really hoping to harvest some winter berries from these plants. Plants have been on 12/12 (LED) light cycle for over a month now, and still no fruit or signs of fruit. The plants are already twice to three times the size that I have ever seen in the wild. Any advise for a newbie wild strawberry grower to get them to fruit? Worst comes to worst, I'll keep them going all winter and plant them in my yard come spring, but I'd love to get some strawberries this winter to hold me over till June/July.

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    you're not giving them enough light. they prefer full sun outside. ive grown in strawberry jars with success. moist, fertile, well drained soil and some regular fertilizer will help.
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    romohigh Active Member

    Thanks danny boy. Think I'll keep them going as is, and then plant them out back in the spring.

    AtterStiga Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't they need a cold period to flower again? I know strawberries need that, in my totally ignorant head it could be worth checking out.

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