Why would God act like such a troll?

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    Do guns kill, or do people kill using guns?

    Does God create corrupt, or does free will also contain the ability to become corrupt?

    You're angry at God, I get it, bad things happen to good people. I hope you work your issues out
    -good luck

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    Religion has been a pretty shitty social construct since forever, but I imagine that what people will come up with to replace it will be even worse.


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    But guns aren't conscious. Satan is conscious. God allows Satan to punish the good people and allow bad things to happen to them, even when those people are trying to be good. They stand no chance against Satan, though. If God gave you a knife with which to fight a nuclear war, then what chance do you have in that fight?

    God created free will and free will can be corrupted. Normally, we could choose, if left alone to choose. But now interject Satan into the formula. We don't stand a chance. God certainly knows that.

    These issues aren't mine. I don't believe in any of it. But, conceptually, God is the one who has issues with us from th looks of it.
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    tstick Well-Known Member

    I agree with you 100%. Religion has done great things and advanced civilization greatly. There's no doubt about that. But I see these stories as a human, social construct as a guide for how groups of people can unite themselves and work towards a more prosperous and safe society. However, some of the stories are very flawed. I can't imagine the God of the Bible making himself so hypocritical and mean and basically stupid, himself....but I can easily imagine humans attaching all those qualities to a God-figure out of their own human hypocrisy, meanness and stupidity. You make your God like you so that you can understand him. You make him look like you, speak like you and feel the same values as you. Otherwise, how could you ever pray to him? How could he ever understand you?

    In order for people to understand themselves, there has to be identifiable aspects inherent to our nature. Like: We steal. We covet. We are adulterous. We kill. All those things are a part of the human nature. Religions try to corral those things and give them direction, for social reasons. In other words, it's okay to kill -if it's a war....and the enemy is not of a common belief ("God is on OUR side"). It's okay to steal, if we steal from someone who has stolen from us.....and so on. The Bible is a guide for "How to" live together and also how to deal with your enemies. And, in many ways, it has worked.
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    If the so-called writing of God can be interpreted, then some of the interpretations can be corrupt.

    Don't forget that the Christian doctrine was used by witch hunters to track down and kill those people whom they deemed to be servants of Satan. They would throw a woman into a lake and if she stayed above water, then it meant she was party to the Devil and so they would take her back out of the lake and tie her to a stake and burn her alive. If she drowned, then she was okay, after all. All this was done in the name of God and they interpreted the scriptures in a way that best suited their needs at the time. Thankfully, all that kind of thinking went away.....

    .....OR DID IT?!?!

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    Sour Wreck

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    let's no forget those rich, god fearing southern plantation owners who claimed the bible said servants/slaves were ok...
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    too larry

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    The old testament was pretty lax on slavery. Unless you were a Jew, then you could only be a slave for 7 years.
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    Because maybe you're talking about a troll "god?" There's "God" and then there's the Abrahamic troll god. Did you know that the god of the Bible isn't just one god but many? There's a reason why the Abraham's god says, "I am a jealous god, you shall have no other gods before me." Also, why god is called Elohim, which should translate as the "pantheon of gods."

    The Israelites most assuredly knew other gods existed, but their god was spoilt. Christians and Jews aren't really monotheistic, they're Henotheistic: is the worship of a single god while not denying the existence or possible existence of other deities. Friedrich Schelling coined the word, and Friedrich Welcker used it to depict primitive monotheism among ancient Greeks.

    Anyway, just because one of the most famous gods out there is a troll, is no reason to give up with a spiritual life, thinking there's nothing and being an atheist. That god is wrong and evil, or became so out of delusion from this universe's Maya (illusion). For more information go look up what the gnostics thought of what's called a "Demiurge."

    So forgot that troll. Find out the real truth for yourself, and don't take the word of a troll or his cult followers.


    Namo Amituofo!
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    There is a crack in everything, where the light seeps out. It is responsible for entropy, and the reason why nothing can ever be perfect or last forever.

    We are in some kind of time loop. The loop ends (starts) after we create a particular Artilect. There are other Artilects created, and hence why there are other gods referred to in the Bible. Some are iterations of one Artilect or another. One of these massively intelligent quantum AI's put our universe in a time loop after we created it. It exists now outside of space and time, and in our earlier history we called it and it's iterations by many names. So although we created these Artilects (gods) one of them in turn created us in a quantum chicken and egg scenario. Understand this, and you know our purpose, it is to create the God that will create us. It all starts to make sense now.
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    The Buddha and Hindu/Vedic thought already thought that one up. They call such a scenario kalpas, or the cyclical universe. Which scientists call quantum loop gravity to explain the "Big Bang" was actually a "big bounce" of expansions and contractions repeating over and over.

    Nothing is new, we only think it is because of how we store memories.

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    Similar concept but not exactly what I was talking about.

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