Why is this happening?

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    Gr8ness Well-Known Member

    I germinated two seeds using my Jiffy dome / peat tablets on top of a seedling mat. Both of them had sprouted with the seeds shell attached to the top of the sprout. I had to manually pry the seeds shell off. I did that with no visible problems. But as soon as I moved them from the Jiffy dome to the grow tent under a light (they had no light in the Jiffy dome), they slowly began to wilt and die. I then planted another two seeds in the Jiffy dome. Again their shells were attached to the sprout, but of the two that I just germinated, one sprouted straight while the other one just curled up and it looks like it's already dying.
    Why is this happening? Is it possible I have bad seeds?

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    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    First do not pry off the hulls. The plant will know what to do with them. Temp/humidity in the tent? Type of light and distance? Water? No nutes yet right?

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    And if the seeds popped they are not bad. Maybe a shitty strain but the seeds have done their thing.

    tropicalcannabispatient Well-Known Member

    If i was u i will put them in dirt and fill with dirt until the cotyledon leaves for support and then put just a little bit of water and leave them alone and let them do their thing

    tropicalcannabispatient Well-Known Member

    Also get some 6500k cfls and put them like around 2-3 inches. Because they are stretching badly. Good luck!!

    Gr8ness Well-Known Member

    According to my Hygrometer, the temperatures is 34.2 degrees with 39% Humidity. Would you recommend a small circulating fan? (Right now I don't have one). Is that temp OK, or is that causing the problem? So far I've planted 6 of these seeds, and 4 of them have already died off, and the other 2 aren't doing all that great.

    For the two plants that are still struggling, this is the light I'm using :


    I would think that for only 2 plants, that should be more than sufficient; am I wrong? I'm hanging the light like 4" away from the planter. I can barely take the planter out without it bumping the top of the light (that's how close it is). I used the exact same setup before, and while I had a few die-offs, at least two of them made it. But these two that are going right now....they're hanging on by a thread.

    Also (before I forget) : When they start sprouting (germinating) how soon should I put them into pots and under the lights? For these seedlings, all I did was put them in the Jiffy Peat tablets, and a few days later they would sprout, but I typically wait for like a week when they're a bit tall and then put them under the lights. When they're in the Jiffy Dome, I do not have any lights on top of the dome. Do you recommend adding lights on top of the dome so that it peers through and gives the sprout some light, or am I OK waiting for it to get a little bit of height and then move it to the pot, and then place it under the light?

    I'm also using DynaGro Foliage when watering, but still nothing.

    Please help!!!! Like my seedlings, I'm dying here. :(
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    Alienwidow Well-Known Member

    When they sprout get the dome off and get them under light. Put them in a small pot with some dirt, dont over water them, and dont give them too much light. They will be fine.
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    Gr8ness Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if I'm giving "them too much light"; I have the lights turned on for 18 hours during the day / 6 hours off at night.

    tripleD Well-Known Member

    If these are AUTOS Try this next time:
    Put fox farms Ocean Forest soil in a 3gal container mixed with 30% Perlite. over fill the container with RO water to the point that water drains out of the bottom. Put seeds in a damp napkin for about 24 hrs or so (until they germ) & then plant them straight into the prewatered soil. Put about a shot glass of RO water on them until they pop up & then continue doing this for 3 or 4 days & then start watering them about every 4 days with about about half a gal of water. After 2 weeks start adding some nutes... Good Luck!

    Alienwidow Well-Known Member

    I give em 24 hrs light. One t 12 bulb.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Plant directly to soil. Point up. Here is why.

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    TheFuture Well-Known Member

    If you use fluorescent you cant really have too much light. You can mash the light against the dome provided you water religiously and keep the vents open the right amount to vent excess heat buildup.

    If you use HPS/MH just sit the tray at least 6' away from the light or in indirect light for the first day, moving closer to the light each succeeding day until they can bear the full direct light.

    Gr8ness Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I didn't feel like starting a new thread, seeing as how my problem(s) are pretty much the same as last time. I stopped trying to grow since my last attempt (December 2015) as I had a lot of shit going on (moving, etc) and it took a back seat to other priorities.

    Anyways, I'm just now getting back into the swing of things and am experiencing pretty much the same problem. Just to recap : My seeds always sprout when I place them in the Jiffy peat tablets, place them in the Jiffy dome and it sits on a heat mat. They typically sprout in like three to four days. As soon as they sprout, that's where the trouble begins.

    I've been watching some YouTube videos and this time around, after it sprouted, I filled a white styrofoam cup with soil & moved the Jiffy tablet with the little sprout coming out of it, into the soil. Then I took a clear/see-through plastic cup, and put it on top of the white styrofoam cup, so it would be humid.

    I had the clear/see-through plastic cup on it since September 12th (one week ago). Everything looked like it was going OK, but then yesterday, I noticed it started to droop to one side. I also noticed that the base of the stem looks a little bit on the brown side. I started thinking that maybe the clear/see-through plastic cup was cutting off the oxygen, so I took it off for like three hours today so it could breathe.

    Now I have the clear/see-through plastic cup back on top of the white styrofoam cup, and the light is on. I had it on a 12 hour light cycle, but I just now realized it should be on for at least 18 hours. So at least I figured that part out.

    But my main questions are : 1) Should I take the clear/see-through plastic cup off completely? and 2) How long do I need to use the heat mat on this?

    Here's what it looks like now.

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    trippingballs Active Member

    You don't need the dome. You no longer need the heat mat. As long as ambient humidity is in the 40-80% range you will be okay, and your seed will grow. With the dome on and excess humidity and no oxygen you risk stem rot/mold/etc.

    OrganicGorilla Well-Known Member

    Next time, skip the jiffy pellets. Germinate in a damp paper towel and then plant directly into soil in a Solo cup. Plant about 1/2 cm down and water very lightly so you don't disturb the seed that you just planted.
    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    As SOON as they poke out of the soil.... LIGHT!!! Your letting them stretch to death. If your still using CFL, 2/3 inches from the seedling.

    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Wow so many fuked up suggestions,You did everything right man but give them enough light.This is how my seedlings look when i throw them in the trash and they dont get any light.Look at how badly stretched they are and they are a whitish yellow.They did not get any light after they sprouted and was searching for it.Someone suggested potting them up to the top of the cotyledon and thats the ticket at this point.but they still need direct light after the shells pop off.Ive popped off plenty of shells and have even had to remove the cotyledons to get them right before otherwise they would have died.Leave the paper towels to the noobs,That shit is for cleaning up messes and old lady flower gardens.Its best to put the seeds directly in the medium so you dont risk breaking the tap or disturbing it.Ive sprouted seeds in everything from newspaper to hydroton and the jiffy pellets are the best by far.Usually get 100 percent and can go in dirt or hydro with no problems.They are very difficult to over water and contain the right substance that is perfect for germination thats why its enclosed with a net.
    I always throw my seeds in a glass of water thats 84 degrees give or take and the next day they will have tiny tails popping out.Poke a small hole into the wet pellet and put the seed in the pellet with the small tail pointing down using some tweesers.The next day youll have all sprouts in 48 no later than 72 hrs.
    went 100 percent on greenpoints tomahawks.


    Gr8ness Well-Known Member


    Just as tripping balls suggested, I have removed the heat mat & the dome.

    Here are some pics of what it looks like. I guess I'll find out in a day or two if it'll survive or go the way of the Betamax. ;)

    I am still confused as to what "stretching" means though. I thought the seedlings were supposed to grow tall.I thought this indicated growth. Or are you referring to the three leaves on there? Are the leaves showing signs that they are being stretched too wide?

    I'll do some more research on this, but would appreciate all your input guys. Thanks!

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    Jypsy Dog

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    Gr8ness Well-Known Member


    I removed the heat mat & the dome at 6:00 a.m. this morning. I just came home like five minutes ago (9:08 a.m) only to find my seedling has drooped over to one side even moreso.

    So....I have reattached the heat mat & put the dome back on. Clearly removing the dome & disconnecting the heat mat has disrupted the plants growth.

    I'm attaching a pic so you can see what I saw when I came home. I'm starting to think this one is as good as dead.

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