Why hate sellers?

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    doniboy Active Member

    I should first clarify that I do not sell. I have however came across a few threads were sellers are being belittled. My question is I guess why is it seen as such a bad thing on a MJ forum of all places?

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    on any site you will find a small minority that loves spreading hate and discontent. many of us are PU growers and find that homegrown is better quality and a lot cheaper than commercial cannabis but that does not mean that we hate sellers.it is hard to have sympathy for someone who charges $300/ounce for a product that we can grow for $12/ounce or less.many here are MMJ patients and cannabis is our medication
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    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    If people are producing pounds for under $200 that is better quality than whats available in dispensaries perhaps they should be offering their medicine to other patients at cost.

    If you can get a pound trimmed for under 200 you're already on the way, you just have to be prepared to obtain all free equipment and not pay the electricity bill, lastly just assume your labor and risking your safety and freedom are worth literally nothing.

    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    I don't see it as often now as I used to 5 or 10 years ago. People using it for "medicine" once it became legal where they lived seemed to be more anti black market because it's competition. People growing and selling meds are not doing so for free.

    Most people started smoking long before it became legal and would continue smoking if it was banned tomorrow. That means at some point they've contributed to the black market. I'd be curious to see the percentage of people who have only consumed cannabis since becoming legal. I'd bet those numbers would be low, probably comparable to people who never tasted alcohol before they were 21.
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    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    in my state we can only grow up to 12 plants and space limits me to 6 plants. but I am able to produce twice as much medicine as I need so I give half my crop to a cancer victim.we can't sell what we grow but we can give it away.many cancer patients are on a fixed income and live in apartments where they can't grow. wish I could do more to help

    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    That is charitable of you, I dont doubt your generosity towards those in need. But that is a discrete arrangement which doesnt influence nor is affected by the supply and demand of an open market.

    It is like if you grew some of the best tomatoes in your backyard and gave what you didnt eat to neighbors. If the thousands of people that buy tomatoes at your local grocery store also preferred your tomatoes, would you be able to provide them for the same cost or less as what they were used to buying?

    I dont mean to sound like Im targeting you, you sound cool. Im just making a point. Also, the main price gougers in the commercial arena are dispensaries not growers. They pay growers a 1/3 less than they did 5 years ago and charge the customers the same if not more (in California anyways, not sure elsewhere)

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    unfortunately it is very expensive to establish a legal commercial production facility and you need the right political connections to do it.it is not like other states where you simply pay a small fee and can grow 90 plants. I do not doubt that the dispensaries are the real problem in this market.they are no different than the pharmaceutical companies which I have no love for.making obscene profits on human suffering is just wrong

    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately that is the way it works. It'll be far to expensive after license, regulation, leasing, or buying property, equipment, insurance and campaign contributions for your average grower trying to start a business is a lot of money. So the rich get richer as usual
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    doniboy Active Member

    The sad part is that the rich exploits, lied to, and manipulates sheeple into serving rich and politician's interest while going against their own.
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    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    didn't mark twain say we were not stupid enough to believe in "THE DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS" guess wall street just re-packaged it and we could not wait to eat it up.

    tampee Well-Known Member

    Jealousy and envy. I bought land built a house and laugh at the haters. Their is no good money or bad money just money and behind every great fortune their is crime. I'm not risking my freedom to give shit away ain't nothing free.

    It only costs what $50 per Glock so why do we pay $500 for something that costed so little? You want to see a crook look at GW Pharma's Sativex ain't no black market dealer would charge that much for weed. Look at cancer patients even $300 for an ounce of medicine is cheaper than Chemo and all the other drugs they need.

    The black market is even cheaper than these scumbags in medical marijuana dispensaries.
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    tstick Well-Known Member

    I think one reason black market sellers are vilified if because the general idea was to find a way to legitimize MJ use as a commercial product and take away the "illegal drug trafficking" association. However, because of all the corporate people wanting to get their hands on the money, too, the entire movement has been caught up in red tape and payola and basically stuff that's ending up being more "criminal" than anything the black market every generated!

    That's why I believe that, unless we just flat-out legalize it, no one is going to truly benefit from doing business from it. You're either going to be one of the ones who follows every law and crosses every "T" and dots every "i"...and you're STILL going to get screwed if push comes to shove. The black market is going to make a comeback...soon!
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Ignore the legal side of it for a minute:

    A seller is providing a wanted product.

    For a seller to obtain the product he has to know someone who grows or deals in larger quantities than himself, this could mean a chain of a few people. Growers as we know dont like many people know they grow and prefer to just wholesale large quantities.

    So we have a chain of people. All of them are taking risks and in the case of the grower allot of time and effort and in the case of the wholesaler allot of money as well.

    Each persons risk, investment and time is reflected in the profit margins as it goes down the chain. Most profit is the grower and down it goes.

    I see no problem with everybody making money.

    The above system will, i fear end up being the cheaper and far less riskier option than when Big Pharma takes control. Chasing huge profit margins new laws will come into place.
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    Hazy_Nights.DC Active Member

    ..very constructive.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    The easiest way to make a small fortune is to spend a big one.

    You would not be able to keep your family alive if you grew tomatoes on the little patch that is your property. Farming is farming, why do you believe you should be able to do just that with weed, but farmers need to plough over and tend hectares of earth to earn a living?
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    DaveInCave Well-Known Member

    I think that when the incentives becomes too powerful, many people will try to cut corners, ignore ethics, minimize their efforts and maximize their personal gain.
    That's true for growing, business, sports, politics and every other field of life.

    There were, and still are plenty of examples for sellers (both legal and illegal) compromising product quality, and consumers health to make more cash.
    So, while not every commercial grower is like that, it's much easier to sympathize with the small home grower who grows for his dying wife.
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    cookie master

    cookie master Well-Known Member

    Growers deserve 80% margin. Dealers want to get rich sitting on their ass. And shit goes uphill . + medical states are sending their failed for pesticide weed here via usps, = greedy cali fuckers WTF!? they should go to jail for putting that crap out.

    valjack Member

    Just because a few people don't grow organically and are greedy doesn't mean everyone is that way. I pride myself in producing quality organically grown cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. I meticulously ph and hand water each and every plant I grow. I have an illness for which there is no cure and am on many daily strong medications that are doing harm to my liver, kidneys, etc. so I will die from my illness in my future. Meanwhile, because I am disabled I work at my craft, growing MMJ which is supremely rewarding in every way except monetarily. There is tremendous amount of work involved if you are growing your medicine the absolute best way possible. People that never embarked on this venture have no idea how much work is involved. And money!! In this case, a few bad apples do not spoil the whole bunch. This is a case of optimism versus negativity.

    Cyah1990 Active Member

    Makes you wonder why ppl in this country are so backwards, prescription drugs are killing us and companies are making bank on it, and mmj is illegal... pfft, glad the craft of growing is keeping ur spirits up my friend
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    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    Pharmaceutical companies are consistently at the top of the list for political "donations"
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