Why do my clones keep dying?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Hairy Bob, Aug 11, 2008.


    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    That stuff isn't really that expensive considering the fact that it would probably last as long as a bottle of 85% H3PO4.. Have you ever done a side by side comparison with several that get it, and several that don't??

    beta0701 Well-Known Member

    No i have not done a comparison because it works so well I wouldnt not use it!

    I use this stuff religiously, I give my clones a good spray twice a day.

    Also, I use it as a pre soak for my mediums. About 2-3ml per liter, and i soak my plugs for 24 hours.

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    I think differently than that.. I'd worry that they were just selling me rain.. Maybe you deserve more credit than the juice now that you got some experience..
    Merry Janemas

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    foliar sprays are important from the way i understand. now i haven't cloned anything yet, but i have an areoponic cloner and am going to be cloning in one month or so. and from what i read since the roots are suppos to be in pure ph'd water with no nutes so the foliar spray is the only nutes it would be getting. plus my foliar spray has rooting hormone in it, not sure if advanced nutrients has that in thier spray. i got mine from Stealth Hydroponics with the purchase of an 18 cuts cloner.

    oh hey if anyone knows then that would be helpful but how long is the aeroponic mister suppose to be on? some people say only 15 minutes every hour or two, and some people say to leave it on all the time? so i was wondering if anyone could help me out here?

    Merry Janemas

    Merry Janemas Active Member

    oh but i was thinking if you wanted to make your own foliar spray then use a couple drops of superthrive with some rooting hormone (from powder so it disolves) with just the slightest amount of nutes like less than 100 ppm. and if the clone is in soil then maybe 1% or .5% h2o2 so it helps keep the algea/moss/green shit on the soil in check.

    just an idea, but to be honest i don't know i am new to growing all together. but it just seems people can make thier own foliar spray using the nutes and hormones they have already.

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    But the cuttings have a pretty decent supply of food in their leaves already.. Typically, a few days in I'll start to see yellowing of the older growth on the cutting.. If environment is right, it will stay vibrant and unwilted, and usually it will selectively cannibalize one leaf to virtually nothing, leaving the rest pretty much alone.. I like this sign personally, its a trustworthy progress marker that you can see without fiddling at all.. And they really don't seem to be lacking anything judging by their healthy growth immediatedly afterwards..

    beta0701 Well-Known Member

    Kinda like these

    these are 8 days old

    Just starting to show signs of root growth :mrgreen:

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    visine Well-Known Member

    Shaving the bottom of the stem seems to really help.

    kalisurfer2867 New Member

    Try using rockwool, I get about 96% success rate just spraying once a day...also when soaking your rockwool it is a good idea to use a few nutes I have a secret recipe if you are interested
    Hairy Bob

    Hairy Bob Well-Known Member

    I'm a big fan of secret recipes, do tell!
    Thanks spark1 for that reproduction of Captu4ik's post, I've got the materials for that now, it's just a case of doing it. Decided to let my plants grow some more so i can take more cuttings in the hope that one of them will take root. Will try cloning my cheese mother as well to see if theres any difference.
    The two flowering are doing well, they love the 600w HPS! Been under it for 2 weeks now and some nice buds forming. I intend to buy a digicam in the next week or two so i can show you all some pics, if anybodies interested I'll start a grow journal when I get some photos. I think it's quite a good setup for a first grow but I'd appreciate some input on where/how I can improve it.
    Nemo hic adest illius nom

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    hi all i did a few clones years ago and i herd to warm up blade in hot water first (then touch my nose with it to make shore it wasnt to hot) i use a shaveing blade got to get my ones cloned now :) later
    Hairy Bob

    Hairy Bob Well-Known Member

    I took clones 10 days ago and all 12 have rooted! Now I need to get rid of some cos I don't have space to grow more than 6... used the tub of perlite method and it's so easy, they've had a quick spray of water every day and temps between 16-22c and they are starting to grow, I pulled gently on one of the stems after 7 days and there was resistance, then left it a couple of days to make sure it didn't hurt it, before testing the others. So should I transplant them now they have roots? Or let them grow a bit longer?
    Thanks folks!

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    WOW!.. Now those are good success rates.. And I thought I was doing ok at 95-100% success.. Now you come and make me look stupid with your 120% success..:)

    NASTYRUDEDOGG Well-Known Member

    he said he took clones 10 days ago not 10 clones that turned into 12:clap:

    CNDSOG Well-Known Member

    1 - try to take the clone at the tip if a brnch with healthly leafs
    2 - use a humid dome
    3 - let the soil dry
    4 - try the scarification method ontop of the 45 angel cut
    5 - lift the lid on the dome at least once a day
    Little Tommy

    Little Tommy Well-Known Member

    I think I have read every thread on this forum on cloning. I had a very low success rate when I started. The other problem I faced was not being able to put my plants into flower until I was absolutely sure I had viable clones to carry on the genetics. I read and read and after trying a little from this post and something from that one I finally got it it wher I get almost 100% success rate. Cloning methods are vast and differ from one person to the next. After much death and a year of trial error and perfecting what works for me - here it is.

    1. Set up everything ahead of time to be sure the cuttings are not sitting around waiting for you to set up the medium - cloning compounds and eq.
    I use a greenhouse heating pad under my propogation tray where the clones will live for the next week. The model I use keeps the tray temp 10F higher than the ambient room temp. That works out to be about 85F. I plug it in and thoroughly wash the propogation tray and dome. My dome has baffles at the top to allow me to control the amount of humidity in the unit.

    2. Sterilize scissors, razor blades and working surfaces with alcohol. Allow them to dry thoroughly before starting.

    3. Now that everything is setup you need to choose areas of the mother plant and select only the best cuttings to make your clones. I usually make a straight cut just above an existing node and take cuttings with at least 3" of healthy growth with very sharp scissors. I got mine from a beauty salon supply house and they are perfect for the job. You want to cut the stem and not crush it. After cutting them I put them directly into a large bowl of good water. I submerge the whole cutting. I continue this process until I have taken all the cuttings I need.

    4. Now to the magic of creating clones. I use small peat pots for the clones. My medium is a mix of 2 parts soil without any nutrients added to it, 1 part vermiculite and 1 part perlite. During the setup process these were filled with the medium and waterd until water is coming out the hole in the bottom of the pots. I repeat this 2 more times to ensure the medium is thoroughly soaked.

    5. Take the first cutting and remove any fan leaves on the stem that are not within 1/2" from the top of the cutting. I use a shallow ceramic bowl filled with water to do the next steps. I take the razor and carefully scar the stem all the way around the area that will below the medium when planted. I cut a 45 degree angle about 1/8" up from the straight cut I made at the mother plant. I then make a cut that splits the stem about 1/4" from the bottom that splits the bottom of the stem into an inverted Y.

    6. Dip the cutting in your favorite rooting hormone. I have tried powders, liquids and gels. The gel works best for me and I use Olivia's cloning gel.
    I use a thin wooden dowel to make a hole in the medium a little larger than the diameter of the stem. Place the cutting into the medium and fill in around the edges to seal the stem in the medium. I spray the clone with good water and place the cutting in the propagation tray and go to the next. Repeat the process until all cuttings are in the tray. Spray all the cuttings and the inside of the dome one more time and place the dome on the tray.

    7. 2x a day I remove the dome for about 15 mins, spritz all the clones with good water and replace the dome. After one week a I start opening the baffles on the dome until the clones are healthy enough to start their journey and be transplanted into their new pots. The beauty of using peat pots is that you cam plant the whole pot right into the new pot without unpotting. Less stress and no chance of disturbing the roots.

    Hope this helps. It was frustrating in the beginning, but no worries now. Endless supply of clones.

    hornedfrog2000 Well-Known Member

    Hey, look. You don't need him to make you look stupid. lol...

    I just take clones with scizzors laying around, cut at any angle, no hormones, and use a bubble cloner. I have close to 100% success.

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    Yea, perhaps not.. Rereading that I'm not sure how I imagined that was worded..
    I do agree that cloning can be that simple though.. I mean my dad has always had decent success just biting the stem and sticking that in a freshly watered houseplant for a week or so, then pulling it out gently.. I like to think that deer etc invented cloning..

    tems Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all that. I was confused whether or not i should cut the fan leaves or not.. Thanks for the tip.:blsmoke:

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