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    wascaptain Well-Known Member

    been close to 3 months for me not eating meat or dairy products.

    i am off blood pressure and cholesterol meds, i was able to do this in the first month of eating this way.

    yall look into it. start by watching...fed up, knifes over forks. and what the health...it will change your life
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    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    good for you Cap, glad it worked!
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    JDMase Well-Known Member

    Yeah I considered it for ages, watched what the health and before that - I researched the William kempner diet, and the mcdougal diet.

    My Crohn's disease improved GREATLY. I now eat meat now and again, I would be more consistent but im the only one I know that's vegan and don't wanna be that guy.

    Eventually I'll phase it all out, I mean I did it for 3 months and was fine but I had to prep a lot.

    Good on you for using food as medicine!
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    Organicpoop Well-Known Member

    Crohn's disease is from Jones Disease a cow illness. Infected milk, cheese usually soft cheese .

    Im vegan 5 years vegi for 30.

    I really like this life style.

    I quit purchasing meat and cheese for trimmers. They can eat the organic produce and vegi burgers, grilled organic vegetables or bring their own.
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    KLITE Well-Known Member

    Done the switch about 3 months back after being vegetarian for 1 year before, ate eggs every day and cheese fairly frequently, and after researching more into the truth about such products i was done. It can be fairly challenging out here in spain when youre out and about but you get used to it, no being needs to suffer everytime you eat and the health benefits are incredible. Plus remember karma's always watching:

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    WeedBae Member

    I just recently switched over to veganism, I think I am on my 3rd week of this beautiful journey. It is so excited to be a vegan. I love cooking and trying new recipes so as of right now I am really enjoying the switch.

    I was looking to loose some weight about 2 months ago so I started the 'Paleo Diet' which is literally the exact opposite of a vegan and then I I watched What The Health on Netflix and that's when I made the switch and am so glad I did!
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    wascaptain Well-Known Member

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    wascaptain Well-Known Member

    right on!

    my weight and fitness level is at my marine corps days.....never thought i would get there again

    say no to eating meat, dairy and sugar

    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    Are you avoiding meat and cheese because of the hormones/preservatives/antibiotics that are introduced into them through the factory farming system?

    Would you eat wild game or unpasteurized organic milk?

    wascaptain Well-Known Member

    i emptied my 3 freezes of wild game, fish and rabbits i killed, over this last year seasons.

    i went almond milk and vegan cheese for dairy

    its crazy how changing my eating habits changed my whole way of thinking.....

    hope i dont start braking for love bugs

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    Went 6 years ago now haven’t looked back
    My son is vegetarian and he’s a healthy happy veggie loving little guy
    Doctors have no problem with his diet and he’s growing wonderfully

    Organicpoop Well-Known Member

    Im 25 years vegi 5 vegan. no sickness even at age 50, nothing.
    Its however not popular and sad around holidays.
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