Who Is The Best Seed Breeder?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Fenian Brotherhood, Apr 16, 2013.


Which Breeder?

  1. Dinafem

  2. Serious Seeds/Magus Genetics

  3. Barneys Farm

  4. G-13 Labs

  5. Nirvana

  6. Sensi Seeds

  7. Cali Connection

  8. TGA Subcool

  9. DNA Genetics

  10. Mr. Nice

    Natural Gas

    Natural Gas Active Member

    Hey bro, Here is what I am senescing...You are looking for an easy (learn as you go) grow...From what I read; indoor...First hint from a long time grower (me); there is NO best breeder (repeat three times and click the heels of your ruby red slippers)...Landrace, sativa, indica, ruderalis (auto-flower), regulars and feminized all bring their own issues to the table no matter who you get the ceeds from. None of those issues from any of those strains require lab equipment to fix. Water and Miracle Grow following the instructions on the MG box will work just fine. "Just Do It"

    So, what is it that YOU want???...With a good grow reference book and input from folks here at RIU you can have anything you want. Yield, ease of grow, low maintenance, blindingly strong dope, bag appeal, connoisseur genetics...But...You can not, in my opinion, get everything you want until you gain experience...Your early grows, no matter what it is you choose to grow, no matter how you grow it will be better than what you get on the street.

    This plant is not called weed for nothing and it grows like one...Forget about nuances you read here, it is hard to fuck up this plant...No pH meter, no EC meter, no special $150 nutrient program is necessary..."Just Do It". Just don't try to grow twenty plants at the same time till you are dialed in.

    If you can grow tomatoes you can grow pot...If you do not have fun growing tomatoes chances are pot won't be fun either...If it were not fun I would take up some other hobby...I am a pretty good fly fisher but first I had to learn the elements of the fly rod cast.

    Ceeds are the least costly part of this process...I would concentrate my efforts less on people's ceed opinions and more on learning how to grow healthy roots and big leaf...The buds are root and leaf by-product..."Just Do It"...FWIW
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    Fenian Brotherhood

    Fenian Brotherhood Well-Known Member

    Haha I got you. Yeah it seems as though I don't actually care WHAT kind of seed I grow honestly. I feel like I wouldn't need all the fancy stuff and(a whole lot of other crap)with autos if I'm ever in a pickle I could always take things down at once and have it be easy. Or when I harvest all I have is plant matter and a tent, no extra mom or clones in veg what have you.

    I have grown successfully in soil, I ponder the idea of hydro all the time(Soilless mostly) but I really like the idea of my hands getting dirty, soil is how the plant came to us, I love mother nature. So, maybe some Super soil? Or perhaps some Gold Mine soil that commercial growers use. Lights, well I've used cfls and failed miserably, then I cut off an arm and a leg and got a LED. That was excellent. I feel like If I went back to cfls I'd be back tracking and I like the idea of HIDs, I just don't like the electricity it uses up.

    One day I will invest(what I do for a living actually) in solar panels, once I get juiced up I'll probably run HIDs. Intill then...

    I also like to fish, nothing like a nice quite sunny day on the water. A fat blunt, couple of cold ones, and the smell of smoked Salmon.... Mmmm Yippy Ki-Yay Mother Fucker :cool:

    bubbiewubbie Member

    I got a blue thai and an auto cheese from dinafem as freebies from attitude. I had ordered from royal queen and honestly I had 100% germ rate (practice with a bunch of bag seeds) from both companies. But I tried to throw as much nutes as I can to get a eating vigorous nute chomping monster. But the blue thai is currently out growing all my critical,og kush, ww, master kush and pres pre98. I guess it's the blueberry genetics. I'm just now on GH expert recirc full line week 3 veg growth 1500ppm and she's already bigger than the rest and dominating the whole system of ebb n flow I have. 13 inches in height and same in diameter. Now the auto...total different story. Look this is my first pro grow and I've done some outdoor planting but never have I had a plant withstand so much abuse and still keep on going. I tried to germ this one solo. No luck I thought..wellfuck freebie gone...nope. Tossed it in my hibiscus tree pot and forgot about it after trying to get her going in a rapid plug. She poked her head up about 3 days later. And is now 34 days old. I was attempting to lst her some and a friend broke her completely in half! I duct taped the stem together squirted some super thrive on there and moved her from the 1000w hps in my room to outside in roots organic soil. Low and behold that little bitch just will not die. On top of that she's got about 25-35 bud sites on her and already filling out with 1.5 inch buds at just 34 days. I'm not one for autos.....but the little mex rudie they crossed her with is a serious stress holding fucker....

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    Really TGA and Sensi are not breeders? And nobody makes a better Thai-Jam today besides Barney's.

    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    Last post was about 4 years ago...
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    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    but it showed up in my face on Oct 9, 2017...I had to read it.

    coppershot Well-Known Member

    Did you put down TGA and compliment Barneys Farm? Maybe I read that wrong.

    N.R.G. Well-Known Member

    Hard to imagine Bodhi and Dynasty not on the list.

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    no complimenting all three

    Iriemartin74 Member

    I understand what ur saying.. But when a high number of peoples opinions are the same.. Then thats a winner via consensus. When i was young i never saw this happening in America.. Im happy with where we are but we still have a ways to go.

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    I keep going back to Dela Haze from Paradise Seeds. Not saying it's the best, just a 10 wk sativa with a nice terpine profile. It's what I like to roll and smoke. I enjoy it.

    Got some TGA slymer going, maybe they'll take over #1 after I chop, cure, and try it. Bout 6-7 weeks out.
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    rollinfunk Well-Known Member

    bodhi, gps (that stardawg male is fire), csi, jaws, karma, archive, bad dawg, delicious seeds, ggg, motarebel, hazeman, strayfox
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    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member


    Frest New Member

    Consensus might make a winner but doesn't make it right. Most find it hard to go against the grain... but back on this topic,lol, mr nice...

    cottee Well-Known Member

    I think karma genetics it up there with the other top breeders.

    ScaryHarry45 Well-Known Member

    Didnt see any on your list I would consider the best at this point in time. Some of my favorites are Bodhi, CSI Humboldt , Coastal and Stray Fox

    digging Well-Known Member

    One of the top breedersin my books is Tony’s Tourtured Beans, specifically his Gorilla Bubble strain

    Tony throws his complete passion for the plant in his creations. Tony has documented his work spent on creating Gorilla Bubble.

    At times planting over 300 seeds to find just the right one to be the parent.

    Tony’s worth checking out for sure :)
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    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    The best breeder? Who ever gifts me seeds is high on my list. A buddy sent me a bunch of Lost River gear. I grew out the Big Buddha and it wasn't bad. Still have a few more strains to try. Also was gifted a few seeds of Doc's Dank Seeds Glued Cherry Dojo. Really excited about those. May be my best strain yet to be popped.

    I won 5 Blueberry Twist seeds from the good folks at Gorilla Seeds. Looking forward to popping those.

    My main strain, Ass Cheese, is from two Oregon Green Seeds strains, Donkey Kong X Cindy's Blue Cheese. Also a gift. {the seeds came wrapped in a protective covering of buds}

    Another buddy sold me some Shit/Skunk crosses for really cheap. I guess those were Mr. Nice gear originally. Lots of Sinmint, Nightcap, Triangle Kush Cookies and Afghani mixed in there with the Shit and Skunk too. {not sure who bred those}.
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    rocker335 Well-Known Member

    None of the ones you listed.
    Ocean Grown if you want very stable, boutique genetics and phenotypical stability.
    Bodhi if you're an f2 fan and want variety (he also has the best boutique sativa catalogue, imo).
    Greenpoint if you like great deals and Stardawg crosses - true funk in nearly all his strains.

    Honorable mentions to Archive, DVG, and Karma. This is just my opinion.
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    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    I know this thread is 5 years old but holy shit those poll options hahahaha could literally be a "who is the worst breeder" poll now.

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