Who is on Suboxone

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    Tennis balls and golf balls r used, not noisy drones

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    I was a heavy opiate user for 8 years. Got to the point I had to use a gram and a half of heroin a day to keep from being sick. Shit oxys wouldn't even keep me from being sick anymore even if I did 2 80s at a time. I can definitely say suboxone saved my life. I'm like others, my life is so stable right now on suboxone that I'm scared to try to get off of it. Every once in awhile you have a really bad day but since you know you have already taken your suboxone (blocks all other opiates) it doesn't even cross my mind to look for any opiates. You guys that were taken opiates with suboxone do realize you were just throwing your money away right? You want feel any effect off of any opiate while on suboxone which is why they work so much better than methadone which you can still get high on.
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    You sound exactly like me.

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