White Widow Flowering TIME to completion?

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    I read in the faq that pure sativa strains can take 2-4 months to complete flowering. I'm using a 1000 watt enhanced spectrum MH (agrosun) and soil. Any help would be appreciated.

    FallenHero Guest

    widow takes around 10 weeks.

    upncoming Active Member

    Anybody else agree/disagree?

    wizzark Active Member

    Hey I think it may take 9-10. I have WW's going now and its seems to be coming along slow. Im used to shorter flowering peroids. I have 1000W Hps, no reflecting material on the wall, (yet). Its been about 5 weeks now, I have some nice small buds, only fed it flowering nutes one time, a really weak solution cause I flushed after the veg nutes. Now Im gonna feed it really good this time. I find myself watering/feeding it like once every 5-6 days. I plan to flush in between feedings. Temp 85 F, fresh air, Hum 55%. Any suggestions?

    StonedRock Active Member

    geeeeez I have never grow ww before but I my self am using 1000w hps bulb and in my 8th week of flowering, lots of buds but it's like watching paint dry and they dont seem to be bulking up. this has me concerned, i use a cap full of fish e per gal, even did a transplant a week ago to see if that would help, but i don't know what gives here, and they grew 6ft tall which is ok I suppose........ if the buds would get bigger, but there not....... why??????:peace:

    SkunkoneSRH Well-Known Member

    ide say 10 weeks.

    but if you dont wana do it that way.

    just go by the Trics. and what kinda high you want from the buds.

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    My WW grow was about the same. Tall and lanky with small buds that aren't real tight. I harvested too soon on the first grow at 9 - 10 weeks. I got one in the "room" now at about 10 weeks and trics are still clear with some milky. The WW trics are smaller than my skunkberry trics, probably a sativa thing but I haven't grown pure sativa...yet so the experts could talk on that. I'm gonna let her go another 2 weeks and see what's up then. The beans came from BDS in 2006.

    Smithj2000 Active Member

    How much more size do you get out of WW after Flowering begins?

    outlawcustombikes Well-Known Member

    I imagine every strain varies, but typically it is said that you can expect 2-3 times growth from begining of flower cycle to harvest.


    cleangro Member

    well that depends on how tall the plant is when you start to flower it, but there can be a foot or so of growth on a widow after you start to flower it. I agree with the 10 weeks assessment. Also White Widow isn't a pure sativa strain, so it's just plain not going to take 14 weeks. To that guy to listed his humidity at 55%, thats good, but if you could lower it a bit, i would go ahead and do that at your leisure.

    shotnva777 Active Member

    Flowering ANY WW takes patience, consistent temps, LOTS OF ferts and 12 weeks (if you want it to FULLY mature!)

    roadking5122 Member

    Gee i typed all my grow stuff out and lost it. Anyway i have been growing white widow for 10 months now. I clone for 11 days, place them in 4x4 rockwool cubes to veg for three weeks (4 would be better). I top feed the rockwool cubes and any drainage i throw out plus i keep the cubes veggin in a 4x8 tray. I veg with 400 watt m/h and use systematic insect control in the 1st watering and spray with neem oil and soap for bug control. The systematic insect control is good for 1 month and does an excellent job in controlling anything. I water with superthrive, rootinator, and miracle gro. I water with nutrients, then water twice with pure water then the nuts again and so on. (the same watering cycle for veggin and flowering). Some don't like miracle gro but i have had much success over the years with it. I also top the plant dureing veg once or twice and i keep the lights no more than 18" from the plants at all times. I use a 6ft. light track on my veg plants.

    I have also found out that the w/w strain is very very resilient compared to other strains. They seem to be able to take anything that is dished out to them while other strains are very finicky.

    I use a swamp cooler on the days that are not hot, but now that summer is here the days are hot so about 4 pm i turn off the swamp and use the a/c until about 11pm then i go back to the swamp. i rotate as needed to keep the electric down.

    When i go to flowering i transfer the plants to 5 gal nursery buckets then water with systematic insect control again and continue spray maintenance every 10 to 14 days with neem oil and soap. I have my plants under 1000 watt hps with a 6ft light track. I do 24 plants to a 4x8 tray. I water and feed with superthrive, miracle bloom, humbolt county gravity to tighten the buds and molasses until 14 days before harvest, then i flush the last 14 days with water as needed but i do continue the gravity and molasses all the way thru. I also use the rootenator for the frst 4 weeks of flowering only. I dont' reuse the soil and i plan to stop using the 4x4 rockwol cubes and veg in soil. I think veggin in soil instead of cubes is faster-bigger. All my white widows flower in 61 days. I have heard and have had people tell me horror stories about flowering w/w's, but i will honestly tell you my babies flower in exactly 61 days- all the time. Oh when floweing i put chopped apples in the soil and the day before harvest i put a liter of carbonated seltzer water. This excites my babies and the resin flows on harvest day-very sticky and dank. I get the seltzer water at albertsons. I dry 4 days on hanger then put in jars for 2 weeks. 4 weeks is better more dank even longer in jars better. Hope i covered it all. Larry
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    Jimbo62 Member

    I have one growing out side and it is about 30" high estimate. the buds are grouped togerther tight and it smells great.
    the hairs are white with some brown,hope this enough to make a determination. first time on this strain. when does any-
    one think I should harvest this? there is crystals all over it?

    dave1960 Active Member

    get you a hand held mic and when the trics are cloudy yank the buds the ww I grew had the lower trics turn cloudy 1st and then as the buds went from the lower to the upper they were still clear so I picked the buds as they got ripe hell after you get a few to smoke let the rest grow and check them every week or 2 till you have the whole plant done..just what I did to each their own you know..
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    Just tossing in a note to keep this thread alive.

    WW is my 1st grow in a long time..... the entire grow I've been reading and absorbing a bazillion "opinions" on WW.......I had taken 10 yrs off from recreational "closet" growing....and for the 6 years prior to that I put minimal effort into growing & never cured back in the day.....I DID know about trich's though, so I always felt the game was lots of amber and you'll pretty high !! I figured whatever you were growing would always be good as long as you knew when to harvest. Seemed to work OK for me, A 30x triplet makes it EZ !!
    Simple to do...and patience will get you to the end..

    A friend had 2 extra WW clones and offered em to me. What da hell...and it's legal now...wasn't before on my grows. So dusted off my 2 ballasts.... 400w MH..and 1000w HPS and fired MH up in my good ol' closet .Be fun and simple again !!

    HA ! I have time now to enjoy this now...save $$....but this time I wanted thick dense nugz and cola's. Previously some effort was put in..but not much.
    On day 52 now....and yes...mistakes were made. But that's what learning is.
    The issue on how long to harvest is of interest to me...because I want it later !!
    One plant has a canopy loaded with short fat dense nugz...the other plant is a runt that has some nice tall beautiful buds because minimal LST was necessary.
    One plant stagnated.....but the runt seemed to be catching up.
    No buds fattening.....end of week 6 and minimal turps on the big one....what's going on ?? I hadn't even checked the trich's because hairs were going red for over a week...leaves were drying on big girl. ....and runt not ready....and after starting off good looks like a crappy ending.
    Buds not filled out with swollen caylexs. When finally checked the trichs I was happy to see mostly clear and no amber to be found !!
    I just wanted more time for them to "pop".
    Happy to report that they are finally filling out....but I still need more time. The way the trichs are changing slowly. I think it might work out !!
    I find WW a sturdy and tough plant. And this time growing I monitor temp and RH too !!! Who knew !!!

    I'll see if I can put a few pics up...I'm not really computer savvy.......when I was in college we had to punch decks of cards to run the computers.....the good ole' days...no cell phones and people spoke to each other....drinking age differed from state to state...ahhhhh !
    Looks like it worked...taken yesterday...day 51...... L-R..runt..runt..big girl...big girl on left of side by side....Rosco !!
    IMG_20180528_234803198.jpg IMG_20180528_234836066.jpg IMG_20180528_234933168.jpg IMG_20180528_234944647.jpg IMG957153.jpg .

    And thank you "road king" for sharing a perfectly written explanation of your grow.....finally people that read this far will start to understand growing....DO WHAT WORKS FOR "YOU" !!! .....and harvest by trichs....

    Lastly......you'll enjoy growing more when the "the girls talk to you". I never understood that phrase I kept seeing till a few months ago....I get it now ............Peace.

    cogitech Well-Known Member

    Wow. Reading this thread makes me think my WW is not a WW.

    Mine's a bushy, broad-leafed biatch. All this "tall skinny" talk has me wondering if I got shafted by the seed bank.
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    When given my 2 WW clones....might have been from different mom's.
    But looked like 2 different plants !! They were given same nutes....same water...same lights....one girl has short wide leaves and small dense nugs and barely any smell at all !! I'm in my 8th week !!!. The other has tall colas and long leaves and high terps !! Seemed very odd to me.... One thing for sure...the leaves act the same on both plants. They all seem to curl in.....I see it called "taco-ing" by some !! I must have screwed up somewhere...then I see pics on line and lot of the plants seem to do it. Yet nobody draws attention to that characteristic !! Many comments on how differently some of the plants finish and fill out.
    Doesn't seem like a problem having a bushy plant to me !! Check the images on Google and see the different looks and even leaf colors !!
    For 4 months I've been educating myself about this plant....I find it difficult to get a good handle on it with so many different opinions. I've seen discussions on threads that will say it has a long bloom because it's a sativa .....and nobody chimes till late in the thread to correct the info; it's a sativa/indica 60/40 !!! Amazing !!
    So my feeling is that you didn't get shafted. This is my 1st grow in 11 yrs and lot things have changed. I always dumb it down with my personal theory : " do the grow the best you can...and harvest by trichs you won't go wrong "......meaning I'm gonna get high on my product in the end !!
    Strictly personal use too. For the 7 yrs I did grow....I didn't trim buds or cure at all !! In about a week I must....cut--dry--and cure my WWs...a tough road ahead, but I'm up for the task.
    I guarantee if you posted a pic....the opinions will be all over the place. Whose "opinion" you gonna believe !! Then someone will want to know where the seeds came from..and bam !! Will shit on the place they came from !! So far I dislike many weed forums. You want help and you see whose "opinion" gets the most backing isn't really an answer.
    I belong to other forums with some of my other hobbies and interests....and definitely learned how to spot "trolls". I've read comments on the weed forums that I know are put out there just to create heated conversations !! And nobody EVER calls them out on it !! Then stupidity unfolds.
    All my other groups will pounce on a "troll" and laugh em right out. Even to the point having them tossed off the sight when you see the same person doing it on multiple threads.
    I'm done my rambling.....which always brings me back to my theory....in the end I'll get high. And hopefully be educated enough to do "what works for me".

    So here it goes COG ....I have the answer to your WW question....ready ??
    In my opinion ...I'm 100% sure I can explain to you how to verify you have a WW...because I've done this for 20 years...it's EZ !! All you have to do is wait for a full moon....bring 3 fan leaves with you....place them on the ground in the moonlight....walk counter clockwise 5 times around the leaves repeating the words "Curly--Larry--and Moe". Stop.....then put a marble in your shoe....oh sorry....the marble is for OG kush. If within 5 min a gremlin comes out and takes only 1 leaf...you have a White Widow !! Told you it was easy...trust me....

    this is my pic of a troll I made and have used it for many years....funny this is a weed forum !!! PEACE ......

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    bezalom Well-Known Member

    My WW took about 7 weeks for amber trichs but were in fairly small pots. Reg seeds so was able to harvested pollen from a male.

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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    RAW do candles wtf!
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    Nice grow BEZ !! I wish mine looked that good....my 1000 HPS was too close and fan was blowing over canopy a little to much..... is def heat stress and a some wind abuse.
    A hygrometer sensor saved my grow (real glad added that item to method !).....,anxious to harvest to see full effects....patience...

    Hey BEZ...love to know if they fattened up in the end. I'm on day 54..no amber...but caylex started popping only about 6 days ago so I want more time to fill up. My buddy that gave me the clones did 3 harvests of his WW....the last and most recent was his best. He did mostly cloudy with some clear and NO amber. A 6 week harvest and dayum what a killer buzz with no THC degradation !!! I may take the girls down as soon as puts on some more weight....in about 1/2 hr they wake up and will see what they did last night. Will be sad to seem em go...but will be smilein' later !! My 11 yr gap of no grows got me rusty on my cloning...I was able save 1. My same buddy has two xtra WW 1 footers I can snag right now because he just sexed some SSH...so MH will be going on soon and will see what happens after fixing some errors this round . It's nice to have good people as friends !! Can't wait for a super silver haze clone...love that shit !! A lanky long grow but definitely worth the wait.

    Peace and patience

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