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Discussion in 'Arizona Patients' started by Chronicseeker, Aug 29, 2012.


    Chronicseeker New Member

    There is a grower out there who wants to trade a supposed white bubba cut for a proven strain.
    Obviously if it is the real white bubba, the trade is warranted but in AZ I am always skeptical.
    Has anyone grown this cut PERSONALLY in AZ and can provide me with a couple of imgs to prove the dankness as well as breeder info etc...
    No, I do not want google images... Real life please...

    It is very easy to give a clone a random name, happens a ton in this state, ESP. when someone wants a dank exclusive cut.
    I just dont want to give out something the people understand is special & proven for garbage, this is why I typically stay away from clones, you just never know.

    Someone prove me wrong, if this is the real white bubba, Im sure there is a grow report.... Or is everyone just excepting clones without seeing a growing plant.
    To me the clone thing is like blindly buying a car before a test drive.
    Yes, I do trust some clones but only from certain people to which I have an established cultivation relationship.
    I cannot take a clone from someone who I have never seen growing, its too much of a risk.

    Part of me says if this is a real cut, it will be flooding the market anyway so why give into the hype.
    Too many greedy people out here...
    KAL EL

    KAL EL Well-Known Member

    It may have come out of my garden, I passed it out to a few people.

    Chronicseeker New Member

    Any images late into flower?
    If you dont mind, who is the breeder and where did this originate form??
    White Bubba is exciting...

    irieie Well-Known Member

    Who is trading it with you? I have the real white bubba. If you don't believe me I could not care less. Who the fuck are you some genetics authority. How about you get off your high horse and go fuck yourself. Or stop talking shit about things you really don't know about.

    Chronicseeker New Member

    WOAH... If its real by all means AWESOME, that is a top quality cut, I do not need to reiterate it, the cut speaks for itself..
    No need for hatred here Irie....
    I just wanted to see it growing before I made any plunge, that is all, sorry for it that came off as wrong...
    I have seen people get doped on clones before, that is why I am so weary and the White bubba is hard to obtain, sorry for being skeptical but I never attacked you or discredited your personal cut. I did not know you had the cut either, why cannot I not be cautious and upset about past, first hand experiences w/ the AZ market?
    Put yourself in that position, the cut that my buddy traded for was SR71Pk, clone only and needless to say it destroyed their garden.
    I look forward to some good pics like you typically post, chill on the hate, I was not hating just searching for reliable info...

    irieie Well-Known Member

    I am flowering it now and I got it from kal el. I realize what you are saying and there is some shit out there being passed off, but I do a lot of cloning and supply many people all over with clones. I have never given someone something and said it was something without being 100% positive it is what it is. Next time why don't you ask the person who you are getting it from, not write some bullshit unaddressed post in the forum asking if anyone knows its real. Come on man. You think your the only one with access to elite cuts? So if I came off strong, I don't take people calling me a liar behind my back too lightly.

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    I can vouch for Irieie I have seen his genetics and flowers first hand. He's a solid grower who doesnt give out bad info.. Good guy in my book.

    Chronicseeker New Member

    I repeat myself:
    Nobody told me you had the cut, so chill on talking behind your back, not my style man..
    Look at how I handle LV, if I thought you were a BS'er which I dont I would say something, as I am sure you would as well.
    I agree with Beav, you are one of the more experienced people on here, be easy man no animosity on my end..
    I was just looking for answers on the grow forum from the real growers...
    You could have just said you have the cut and then I would have assumed it was legit if you are taking the time to grow it.
    No drama needed, the person offering it to me is not on here, so I thought the source might be.
    I read your posts man, I know your in the game for elite genetics, as I said I look forward to more of your pics...
    I never said anything about being the only one with elite cuts, ever, that is just not ture and I will be the first to admit it.
    I just believe the market has way more garbage than goods and I would be saddened to give something good away for trash...

    You cannot tell me you would not be pissed to give something you covet away form something that turns out to be bunk?
    Maybe someone heard the white bubba was around and decided to capitilize on the scenario and call there mexi shwag cut for monetary reasons, that is a popular thing here in AZ. Not my style and clearly not yours but that does not mean it doesnt happen.

    I was just looking for clarification on RIU, sorry you felt attacked man, that was out of context, not my intention..

    irieie Well-Known Member

    I know what ur saying. It may be a different cut. I have not given the cut out to anyone yet. I was attacking your post not you. Okay get animated and vitriolic but don't take it personally. Usually I am attacking someone's post and not them (unless trolling). And I don't bear a grudge. Don't worry about it. Be cause I am not.
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    I say everyone needs to quit being pot snobs and share the best genetics and spread the love. Anyone who is cool with me is welcome to whatever I have. I love Cannabis and want the best Cannabis that is available in my garden and in everyone else's.

    Just my opinion. But then what do i know, im just an old hippie.
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    Chronicseeker New Member

    Well I think we should burn away the post animosity sometime, I think both of us would be pleasantly surprised with one anothers genetics, flowers and abilities, most likely leading to a successful and satisfying trade.
    Then everyone will hate us for having the best genetics...JK, total sarcasm, I could not help myself..

    Judging by your strong belief in the cut, I dont doubt what you have is real, glad to see someone so passionate about quality.
    That is what its about in the end, growing for the love of it.
    HB DC

    HB DC Active Member

    Cannabis growing has been going down here for awhile!

    There are alot of BAD genetics... Alot! Alot! Alot! Most of them!

    I love me some surfing... As often as time permits me!

    jcdws602 Well-Known Member

    I have gotten 4 bullshit clones out here in the desert so far.... so I understand trying to verify genetics.....lots of folks out here growing shitty phenos and passing them out like good ones........be wary who you trade with........I have a few strains to trade if anybody with good genetics wants to trade......pm what you have and I'll get back to you......
    HB DC

    HB DC Active Member

    Them Bastard Genetics... HA

    jcdws602 Well-Known Member

    WHat up mang? hows everything looking over yonder......

    jjlongo Active Member

    For what its worth Irieie and Kal El are both the real deal - straight up good people who know their shit.

    RedbullGivesYouWings Active Member

    I feel what you are saying about sharing the gentics...Like my gentics are good I would say top shelf, but they are nothing truly special. I have only spent the time growing from seed once to find a good pheno and did but it took like 50 seeds. With that being said I also feel where the local breeders are coming from... Finding and or creating that perfect pheno can take years. After all that time and planning and labor, if they are lucky they may truly find one of a kind smoke. I can see where they would not pass it out like candy, and I respect and understand that.
    HB DC

    HB DC Active Member

    Same ol' same ol' mane!!

    Them Bastards turned out like some Beasts! Never was able to keep any cuts around wish I had!

    doniawon Well-Known Member

    I got it now .. super bomb pics later.

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