Where's the GMO Marijuana Strains?

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    tampee Well-Known Member

    Veritas Pharma Inc holds a USPTO patent on a gmo marijuana cultivar but they work with GW Pharmaceuticals and two other big pharma companies.

    Finshaggy Well-Known Member

    Do you know what they did to it?

    Also, this was probably a giant joke, but I remember in Highschool one of my sisters friends was like "Did you know there is this stuff that you can spray on any plant, like a tomato, and they say tomatoes produce the most THC". Then he showed me a webpage.

    And I remember like 5 years ago I looked it up and the website was still there, and it was still all like "coming soon" and "still in clinical phases" or whatever.

    And I've never heard of a tomato with THC in it still, but like the snortable alcohol, something like this could take a long time to get through all the bearuacratic hoops, but it also is probably just not true.

    Has anyone else heard of this, I think it was called like "Genie spray" or something.

    Finshaggy Well-Known Member

    The Marijuana Industry is now doing Genetic Testing of Plants in order to look for things like Genetic Heritage, Yield, THC Content, etc, and to find F1 plants, and soon even unforeseen applications, as this is the only company doing this right now and by the time it is normal it will have become even more useful than it is now.

    If anyone would like to contact this company, I have been in contact with one of the Dr's on their team, and she said I could share her email.
    [email protected]

    So if you have a strain you want to get Genetically Tested, go ahead and send her an email.

    tampee Well-Known Member

    They are also collecting DNA so they can track the weed to the circles it was moved through. Just like the human DNA database this is the marijuana version and backed by big pharma.

    tampee Well-Known Member

    I don't know exactly what they did you can look up the patent I forget the number. Chimera was working on the project head breeder it said.

    Big pharma has big plans for marijuana they have held many patents back in 2012 GW Pharmacuticals teamed with Bayer now Bayer/Monsanto. Back then it was just basically every single possible way to extract cannabinoids to make a drug that can be FDA approved.

    Now I would imagine they are working on shit like a high THCV strain etc. of course, I just seen that last Strain Hunters that they went to the Congo and found a plant with just 1%THCV saying that it was the highest Franco has seen. A little GMO work you could bring that number right up.

    Finshaggy Well-Known Member

    Silicate, Silicon, is the same thing used to make Microchips. If you add it to your plants, it will make their cell walls stronger. If anyone has any details on Silicates or Pictures of plants you used them on, post them here. (Btw, it also works with other plants, I remember these people that came to my parents house when I was like 13 and they wanted investments in a Silica product for Banana trees, and the Silica trees were much bigger)

    Here is an article about Silicates

    Then there is Colchicine, you add Colchicine to water at like .3 or .03% (gout medicine that can be lethal at even big small doses), then germinate seeds in that water or soak them then germinate them. Then like 90% of the seeds die, the other 10% have double chains of DNA, causing mutations and gigantism, gigantism in marijuana nugs. But apparently the 1st generation of these can be Poison, but the 2nd generation and 3rd, etc, will pass on the mutation.

    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    I don't believe what you claim below is true. There is more than one US company offering DNA testing of cannabis products. One is heavily marketed on social media (phytos bio sciences).

    There are more out there.


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