Where has the chill oldschool herb gone?

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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Give the seedsman white widow a try. Most other ww I have grown and tried were indica dominant.

    That Brazilian sativa really comes through in the seedsman ww.
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    throwdo Well-Known Member

    Smoke up got to love Rollitup
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I consider it an honor and a privilege to show my grow to selected individuals and groups.

    I hope they can learn from my experiences, successes- and mistakes.

    I'm not just trying to grow some pot, but rather to advance the science of same.

    My reasoning is dark, but compelling; I believe the time is coming soon that people will have to grow food and medicine indoors because of pollution, contamination, environmental degradation, political instability, even to colonise inhospitable places like underwater, the poles or possibly off the planet.

    I'm not here to make a fortune. I'm here to pay it forward. I've seen plenty of people in desperate circumstances and rather than just give a passing thought of thanks to my great good luck, my plan is to use my intelligence and resources to make the future a better place.

    Life is short. I've seen retirement and I'm not interested. Life is for DOING something with, not just accumulating toys or fame or being idle.

    I encourage everyone to get busy living. You never know when your chance to do so runs out.

    Majikoopa Well-Known Member

    That's real nice man.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    No need. your last version is in it.

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Your weird methods are the only way to the best weed. And your seeds. You say it constantly. Just not while you are trolling for new fans.

    And everyone else using "black market" methods (whatever that means) is going to have worse results is your mantra.

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Not as good as DC's CTF that no one here could get high from. Or the yellowed spider mite ridden burned ones?

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    I have told my history honestly on the other site and here. You must keep missing it.

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    You should read more carefully. My friend/patient lives in Colorado and went to rids house and got the joints. He was ignored when the first ones did not work and he wanted to try again to be sure.

    And the only growers house I went to they all vouched for but it turned out he had warrants and court dates and may have got me in trouble.

    So I agree with you about that.

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    What wisdom? My Grow has been consistent for 3 more years now. And consistently better.

    Tty grew burned plants in an experimental fashion. With mixed results.

    Notice how I said grew. Past tense.

    And I ran clones all year to compare lighting and all last year to compare flushing and other stupid myths.

    I have a few with 5 nodes strong and healthy already in soil that he managed to never get to flower. For a few weeks he said they were his best plants. Bummer. They were real good plants. You know "clones" of my favorite ones.

    He complimented the plants and the way I make the seedling cups too.

    But keep talking. It is always entertaining. Just never very true.

    jaibyrd7 Well-Known Member

    I just found a 6pk of seedsman reg ww in the back of my safe from a few years ago. I thought "one day..." and put them back. I thinking maybe now i should pull them back out.
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    sunny747 Well-Known Member

    I was just thinking about this. Funny that I should logon and see this post..

    I was more wondering what weed looked like back in the 80's. I smoked a lot, but can't remember what it looked like. I sort of remember a lot of seeds and stems and shake. If anyone has a picture please post it.

    I grew some Bubba 76 from Emerald Triangle. It was a nice mellow high..

    I'm on board with you though.. I enjoy the smell and taste so I'd like to have weed that I can pass a big jay with friends and not be whacked.

    As for crossing with hemp I recently saw a strain named "Industrial". Sounded interesting,, Low THC..
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Its good smoke.
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    Two things:
    1. There is a multi-quote feature on this site for a reason. Use it.
    2. When you get to the point you're making 6 posts in a row like that, you've completely lost whatever argument you were attempting to win.
    This is the part where you stop posting.

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    You're kidding right?

    Every comment is in response to an alert.

    No one alerted you.

    mistermagoo Well-Known Member

    After this someone is going to have to help me find these 'neverland' beans !
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    throwdo Well-Known Member

    Chill weed is good I like when you smoke and you just start Day dreaming no anxiety drift off in a gentle bliss time just flys by

    RM3 Well-Known Member

    Neverland crossed testers were shared during that gathering but Neverland itself is not yet available. One that was named Zweed after the syfy show Znation is Holy Fuck X Neverland ,, Afghan King posted a smoke report of Holy Fuck in his grow journal, this is what he said,,,,,,

    Girls looking sexy got my boys in the pantry with a 120w led just to get me those pollen balls to do some breeding got to meet the legend @RM3 today over at @ttystikk and gonna follow his advice in breeding cause after smoking his strain today all I can say is humbling. Had a whole different type of high I smoke an average of quarter pound week and I smoke a lil Pinner joint between 3 other people and damn. Got a lot of insight into ways of just growing better. Great day over all and the ladies looking lovely as always might have some adjustments this run to add some potency

    The Zweed will be in a disp in Oregon in a month or so (buds not beans) via a commercial grower friend. The other crosses were,,,,

    Kali Mist
    Bear Creek Kush
    Kool Aid
    Colorado Thunderfuck
    Heidi's Unicorn

    This is Neverland in week 6
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    throwdo Well-Known Member

    you got a link RM3 ? Just wondering been reading this thread a little lost

    RM3 Well-Known Member

    A link to what?

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