When do you start feeding young cannabis plants nutrients?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by batmane420, Nov 1, 2016.


    batmane420 New Member

    I keep hearing many growers saying different things, and I'm confused. Im growing white widow as my first grow, I have my seeds, and I'm using Fox Farm Ocean Forest for my potting soil. Some sources state not to add any nutrients until either the plant is about two weeks old, or grows its third set of leaves. Other sources state that you can add small amounts of chemicals. Now I was thinking that it's the CFLs (or other adequate lighting) that really generate food for the plants, and the nutrients are nothing more than the equivilent of vitamins for them. I am a first time grower, and with the plants being in such a sensitive stage of their lives I thought it would be better not to add anything until around the two week mark. So wanted to see if i was on the right track of just using water, soil, and lights for about 2 to 3 weeks ?

    Uberknot Well-Known Member

    If using soil with complete nutrients I would watch the plants and let them tell me.

    Basically I would not feed for a few weeks at least and watch the plants.

    If you are transplanting enough you may not need much food until the final pot and flowering.
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Here's a tip for you. Start feeding the soil some lite doses of molasses instead. I never worry about feeding the plant at that stage, I just concentrate on getting the soil fed! Better off giving it molasses once a week and plain water for 1st 3 weeks or so. Then when lower leaves start going lighter, feed them something with nitrogen in, like fish mix or grow.
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    Pete Townshend

    Pete Townshend Well-Known Member

    I don't even feed in veg if using FFOF, and just a few times during flowering at 1/2 to 1/4 strength. I use 5 gallon pots and normally veg for 4-6 weeks.
    papa canna

    papa canna Well-Known Member

    I agree with feeding the soil rather than plants. But disagree on the molasses. It is good to do a few times late in flower, but over doing it will affect taste in a very bitter way
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    6 weeks ish or like a good stalk and number of branches

    kiwipaulie Well-Known Member

    All depends. In hydro, pretty much straight away. In soil I don't add any extra nutes, as they are already in the soil

    MGrow2016 Member

    Everyones method is different. I use FF Happy Frog soil. It has everything in it already, just like your Ocean Forest. All you gotta do: Water first 3-5 weeks from seed. Only when the soil is dry an inch down. Other than that all you do the first month is PH that water. When you start growing more branches and leaves than you add the other stuff. You will know, don't over think it. Plus you can ask the forum when its time. Its too early for you right now.

    Another note FYI- for new plants but not to confuse you. You can add Maxicrop seaweed extract at every watering during the veg period- NOT required. But It has trace minerals that will help your roots and nutrient uptake when it's time to deliver the veg nutrients. Just something to keep in mind next grow.
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    batmane420 New Member

    Thanks, I actually did here about the Maxicorp seaweed extract during the veg period.

    MGrow2016 Member

    Yup works great i only gave my girls that in veg. They are thriving!! 5 wks in flower. 20161106_095616-1.jpg 20161106_095432.jpg

    MynameisSolo Well-Known Member

    lol your kidding right thread is about feeding plants not microbes .
    As for this thread when do you start feeding your plants , as soon as first set of leafs are out photosynthesis starts and plants need nutrients plain n simple roots are establishing and up taking nutrients .
    Its that simple start of very low dosages , as plant grows increase accordingly..
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Growing in soil is all about feeding the soil and creating a balanced life within the soil! Why would he start feeding the plants when they get the 1st set of leaves? The soil has 2-3 weeks food in...

    So you're saying feeding it immediately, even though the soil has 2-3 weeks food in then yeah!

    ''You're kidding right?'' And that's You're, Not your you dumb ass mo'fo!

    If you're going to talk shit, think of something decent to say!!

    Currently you've got nothing to say and you're saying it too loud!
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    @MynameisSolo That explains that! You're the led grower with the droopy plants, that is having a pop at me because of the post in the hps and led thread.

    Try feeding molasses to create some soil life, that should help with the drooping plants!

    MynameisSolo Well-Known Member

    Actually read the main topic dummy when to start feeding a plant ???? think about it when first set of leafs come out what is the plant doing ??? but growing what is needed for plant to grow Nutrients
    so who is really talking shit here ??
    or your the type do not feed until the cotyledon is yellow lol

    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Go see your droopy plants, they need your attention! Less time and here, more time in your garden, unless you're in the newbie section. You'll pick up some good tips there to stop drooping plants ;-)
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    MynameisSolo Well-Known Member

    Droopy plants ??? lol dude keep doing your thing in your closet dam

    PS your figure out how how many watts per cob yet Noob

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    Dont even think about feeding sprouts in ocean forrest for a few weeks and even then, only if hungry. Ocean forrest can go quite some time depending on pot size to plant ratio.

    MynameisSolo Well-Known Member

    Exactly it all depends on what soil your feeding some organic line will have enough food to take care of a seedling and young plant or a while ..

    If a person is using premix or some other medium with out any nutrients he should apply a light dosage
    I seen a thread one time where a person did tests same strains seedlings each one had certain ppm levels as one set was fed nothing it clearly showed which seedlings grew faster and looked healthier.
    They were the ones that were feed nutrients right from the start

    But there is no denying one a seedling sprouts nutrients are needed for it to flourish plain and simple
    So yes once first set of leafs are up roots are growing NPK is needed
    But not in outrageous amounts

    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Funny you mention that, your Mum told me how may watts I need, after she finished fondling my balls and sucking my cock! Tell her thanks for that! She's not the best I've had, but she made up for it with enthusiasm!

    Closet? Yeah man, that's it, I'm growing in a closet..:? 1st tent is 5ft x 5ft x 2m. Next two tents are 4ft x 4ft x 2m + have another 3 set up's. I've got 51 plants in my closet. 80% at least are in 3 gallon pots... Talking shit again man!

    Sorry I'm confused by your posts advising the op when to feed the plants! You seem to be going back on your original advice on feeding the plant straight away? Confusing for people!!!

    So feed your plant straight away, but don't feed them straight away! I've got it now, thanks for clearing the point up! Talking of clearing up, Your Momma is probably still wiping off the pearl necklace I gave her!

    Sickomindo Well-Known Member

    Omg it's assholes like you that are so thin skinned you had to whip out the low blows over something like that. purely pathetic
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