What week do buds fatten up? Week 5 auto with popcorn nugs


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Week 6 on Thursday I’m just wondering why I’ve got small nugs right now I lollipop here and there to keep energy from being wasted on small buds not getting direct light I try not to defoliant consistently. I’m in fox farm ocean forest soil I used fox farm trio for nutrients and also you cal mag.. under a 125 shit light I’m upgrading next week to a Mars ts1000 but last feed was ph to 6.5 5ml calmag .5ml grow 2ml tiger bloom 4ml bloom



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They look fine for week five with a weak light. Adding a bigger light is great, but won't make a lot of difference with this grow now. Your next harvest should be significantly larger


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did your autos fatten up late in flower ive been told they get bigger in the last weeks before harvest
Yes mate you to get to a point where they almost seem like they've stopped growing then all of a sudden they bulk up. As the pistills turn brown the calyxes swell