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    I'm surprised there is no discussion here yet about MMJ in Ohio now that we have (theoretically, or will have) it in Ohio.

    Any would-be patients care to comment, whether on the new law or on anything else related?

    It's my understanding that doctors are not yet protected from liability and thus will not be recommending it at least until all of the guidelines are written, which will likely be sometime next year. I think I heard that the Ohio Bar Association (and/or Ohio Supreme Court) still does not permit lawyers in the state to advise on matters relating to marijuana-related businesses, though I'm less sure about anything pertaining to doctors or patients. I've also heard that the list of approved conditions which will make patients eligible for MMJ will be relatively short, and the criteria very strict. The biggest let down so far is the continued prohibition of home growing, which seems needless and archaic, in my eyes.

    So am I wrong about all of this or should I be more optimistic? It all seems so murky still. I myself have multiple legitimate diagnoses that would qualify me for MMJ in just about any other state where it is legal, though nothing on the order of cancer or AIDS or anything quite that serious. I do, however, know for a fact that MMJ helps mitigate my symptoms and certainly promotes better outcomes than the drugs I've been prescribed before, and I would sure love to be able to live my life to the fullest without having to worry about silly prosecution (not to mention the social stigma attached to something that is illegal, and the implications in the workplace, which are considerable).

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    I really think by next year we will be voting for recreational the govener just signed this in to keep it from happening in November.
    Sire Killem All

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    Here is the draft, glad we gave up a 10 site monopoly for a 18 site w/o the right to grow.

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    Based on the massive feedback they received that 18 grows wasn't any where near enough for the expected 180,000-200,000 patients, they increased the numbers.
    To ..... 24...

    12 large (Level 1) growing sites would be 25,000 square feet;
    12 small ones (Level 2) would be 3,000 square feet.
    Growers would pay a $20,000 application fee and $180,000 license fee for a Level 1 license
    and a $2,000 application fee and $18,000 license fee for a Level 2 license.
    That's a total of 336,000sf for the estimated 188,000 patients. 1.8sf per patient. 1.8sf for veg and bud.
    Problem solved.....

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    Hi there! I'm a resident in Mahoning, Ohio. I'm certainly not well versed in terms of the legal mumbo jumbo of the complexities of marijuana matters. However I'm slowly learning!

    I go to the Cleveland Clinic pain management for treatment for the various health issues I have. I am desperate to just quit all of that stuff. The doctors and staff are awesome but being on strong narcotics since 2000, I just cannot take it anymore.

    In December it was the first time since my college days to smoke cannabis. I didn't even need to touch a single breakthrough pain medication for 11 hours!!!! It was from that I was completely transformed and a very strong advocate of cannabis to help pain. I'm still experimenting different strains to find out how it affects me. I can finally and truly SLEEP at a decent hour and wake up 2 hours later than the usual 4 hours I was only able to sleep. I have found Trainwreck helps with the pain a great deal-but it's very hard to find it in pure form (cartridge)... I won't touch anything that's not extracted in the cleanest, pure way. I have Skywalker... It's ok. Pain comes right through which I don't like. Green dragon by absoluteX does nothing for pain. It only provides a restful sleep which I'll take anytime!
    I have Afghani but yet haven't tried it.
    I tried Gorilla Glue #4 using bhang dark chocolate! Just 1 nib of it and it was great!
    I tried 1 measly gummy bear that had Bruce Banner strain. Never ever again! I couldn't even move my head without severe dizziness... Couldn't even walk as I was too afraid of falling. No more Bruce Banner strain for me! I have 2 of the gummy bears left. Won't touch it. Lol!

    I've got other stuff but have yet to try it. I don't like feeling buzzed during the day. I'm not what you would define a "recreational" user. My interest lies only for pain relief without narcotics.

    Now Cleveland Clinic as a whole have already voted they will not under any circumstances be involved with medical cannabis. A true disappointment, is it not?

    I have already applied for a medical card but still haven't heard anything in almost 6 months.

    September 17 of this year is when dispensaries will finally open in Ohio.

    Always smile and smiles from others will be returned! Wave to neighbours!

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    I reside in the state of Ohio and was injured a few years back and was prescribed all kinds of pharmaceuticals and had a hard struggle coming off but am now a medicinal cannabis user and just actually started my first grow to provide my own medicine got turned onto here by a great friend who is also a member here well anyways glad to be a member I'll throw up some photos maybe gets some pointers on the little thing I have going

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