What to do with calyxes in reveg?!?

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    So here my deal. I started my grow early this year. I started indoor in mid March. Then early may I moved my plants outdoors. Well I'm sure you can guess they went into flower. Now 4 of my six plants I pretty sure I have successful reverted back into veg however 2 off the plants which are Dr. Who strains have a struggle to say the least. So the problem is. Is that there are these huge calyxes all over them. Hundreds of them. So off them seem to be having weird twisting leaves out of them. I picked a few off trying to dissect them. But did see anything inside off them except some white or red hairs. And they are extremely oily. So do I keep them all on and let it ride or they and pick them all off? Here are some pics.

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    Leave them be. The plant will take care of them.

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