What the hell is this?

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    Also, should i flush it first with H20? Then next feeding start hitting it again with more phosphorus or maybe flush with water and phosphorus mix? Any ideas? This is the healthiest one for sure so I'm trying to get her back to perfect before I switch over.. at this rate i might move her from a 5-10 gallon and just keep vegging for two more weeks try to get it together

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    Ok man.
    First, sorry for not responding yesterday. Second, I am nowhere near qualified to give advice on problems. I definitely have my fair share with my grow.

    Im just bouncing ideas around..

    The other one you posted the pic of has purple stems too. Dunno if that is strain related or not but it could be on its way to having "rust spots" as well.
    My plants were doing the whole purple stem thing in veg. I ended up adding some 'bloom' nutrient to the rez and it helped. Haven't seen purple stems (cept on naturally dead leaves) since.

    Maybe you should add more bloom food... But at the same time it sounds like you have enough...

    Maybe there is an abundance of something else that is locking out the phosphorus. Zinc and Iron...just looked it up.

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    He said 6-6.5 it's soil grow.

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    Wish I read this post first :lol:

    Ya flush it good and give them ladies that P :bigjoint:

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