What kind of game do you like to play when you're high?

Discussion in 'Game It Up' started by JohnMotayo, Jun 26, 2016.


    Jubilant Well-Known Member

    Anything that is an immersive single player experience I love to imbibe before/during.

    Also old school games, anything Pre 2000's really, nothing like simpler games and cannabis :eyesmoke:

    Currently I am playing all the Final Fantasy's in order as "original" as I can seeing as I only speak English. I am playing the games on their original consoles (FF I-III on the NES and FF IV-VI on SNES) just if it didn't come out in English I get the bootleg translated copy. I must say I am on the 2nd FF right now and the 1st two have been amazing stoney bologna games.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    That is so badass!

    I have a friend here in town who likes to build battleship models. Big ones; he has one that's 12' long, and it's radio controlled for missions on the local lakes!
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    That's very cool!

    It's a cool game. I love the Tirpitz, it's a great ship. (A premium as well that earns you extra credits and XP)

    But my heart still belongs to the U.S.

    Don't mess with Texas, baby!

    My beloved Atlanta:

    The mighty Fuso of Japan:

    I could go on for days.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    My buddy Jerry's biggest model is that 12' replica of the USS Colorado.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I like to play- make it to the fridge and back without forgetting what the actual fuck I'm doing.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    And if you don't forget, smoke more weed!
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    Walterwhiter Well-Known Member

    Grew up on Rts command &conquer, warcraft, and the like. Been console since ps1 and Battlefield and RpGs like fable and fallout. But over the last few years the best games I've played have been, Far Cry 3, Skyrim,Fallout New Vegas, the Witcher Games (highly recommended yo...all of em),Red Dead Redemption, and GtaV to name a few.

    Really wanting to invest into a half decent pc rig.:weed:
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I never forget to smoke weed. It's the remembering to buy more that I've got trouble with. That. And it takes soooooooo long to grow.

    -I guess this is what's meant by patience is a virtue-
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    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    hey did you ever play that oldschool game populous?
    on the sega genesis (I think)?
    I played that damn game for HOURS.. I shared my room with my brother as a kid and he hated the constant heartbeat sound the game made
    cool shit though, I wish they'd do a remake of that.
    that game, and also psychonauts
    psychonauts is one of my favorite games ever, for the original xbox
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I played Populous on PC, dug it lol
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    The Colorado is in the game as well. It's a Tier 7 ship. I'm presently at Tier 6 which is the New Mexico. North Carolina is Tier 8, Iowa is Tier 9 and Montana is Tier 10 in the American Battleship line.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Sweet- and how realistic is the game vs air power?

    Big_Lou Well-Known Member

    Too many choices! I find it hard to commit, these days....



    Show Spoiler
    images (3).jpeg

    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't go so far as to say it's "REALISTIC", but it's fun as hell. I had a couple of epic battles yesterday and set a new personal best in my Fuso. I was the last man standing Battleship wise with one destroyer escort up against 3 Battleships (including a god damned Bizmarck which is hell on wheels), 2 cruisers and 2 destroyers.

    And won.

    Wound up sinking 6 ships, doing over 125,000 damage and winning the match. (The game pits you 12 against 12)
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    There's world of tanks, planes, and warships, and I think they share a world, if you play one, you can coordinate with a friend that plays another
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    DO NOT play World of Warplanes. It's just awful. Play War Thunder for the aircraft, realistic battles or simulator only.

    DO NOT play World of Tanks anymore. It's the same. It's so stupid and beyond arcady that it's pretty much the laughing stock of the entire planet.

    Warships though is OK. Being a Wargaming product, it's still got its level of "full of shit", but nowhere near like the other two do.

    For tanks and planes, play War Thunder. ESPECIALLY the planes. Good God, that game is beautiful to play. Here's me getting low and fast in my P47 Jug in War Thunder:


    At high altitude in my P51-D10:

    And my bad ass Wotan Tiger H:

    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    Two new additions this morning. Finally got my Battleship New Mexico fully upgraded. Here she is:


    And got the Premium T7 German Battleship Scharnhorst:
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    Skeet Kuhn Dough

    Skeet Kuhn Dough Well-Known Member

    I had never played Minecraft because I thought it looked stupid. Dude, that game is addicting AF. I had to make myself quit playing so I can get some sleep before I go to work. Crazy ass game. I don't know long I played... but it was a really long time. And I smoked weed the entire time.
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    NapalmZen Well-Known Member

    when drunk i love to play Just Cause 3. destroying cities and hijacking helicopters(mid air) only to have them shot down by a jet which i then hijack as the helicopter lands strategically on a gas station in the most Michael Bay way possible only to crash it into another city. nothing beats mayhem when you have a buzz.

    when stoned, i can play FTL for days. i have almost 300 hours and only 25% of the ships unlocked.

    -Chef- Member

    One of my favorites is Kerbal Space Program. Get high and come up with creative designs....and crash them. Blow up Jeb. Good times.
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