What is the most quietest water chiller system in the world...?

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    Phytium hater

    Phytium hater Active Member

    Hi, I am wondering is there some new innovations in chiller technology at the moment..
    -chiller what can be installed inside the tanks..for big tanks like 50 gallons size..
    -chillers outside the tanks but VERY QUIET ! and effective..
    I am running at the moment probably the overall quietest systems there is on the market Hailea HC150A
    I have 2 of these..one of them is quieter than the other, the other louder one is newer, I even
    sended it back and had it changed to an other piece because I thought it wasn't 100% healthy..
    the replacing one was a bit better but still a bit louder than the older one..
    I think because they are chinese made ,they have started to save in some production steps
    and that's why they are louder than before...
    Anyway...I would love to get couple of super whisper quiet machines to do the job...
    it freaks me out to have any machinery causing constant on and off sound of surring and humming..
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    kaydeezee Well-Known Member

    How loud is the hc150a? I'm considering buying one for my 18gal rez that's positioned in my bedroom?

    mytwhyt Well-Known Member

    A big block of ice... For sure the quietest
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    Phytium hater

    Phytium hater Active Member

    They are pretty quiet but in the same room as sleeping it might not be so good idea, but of course you can have longer hose if you are using a stronger in pump.
    and if you want ultra quiet then build a box which you fit on the outlet part for the warm air of the machine where you have a sound damped tube with a small inline blower in it to draw the hot air thru the tube.....I built few of those and found out that the sound after that was totally gone....I had to put my hand on the chiller to know if it was on or of from the vibration....the box was plastic which I cut a hole in the bottom and fitted those metallic duct fitters and the duct in that...after 2 meters round about I fitted the inline blower and continued the sound dampened duct for my needs where I wanted the hot air to go...
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    kaydeezee Well-Known Member

    that sounds like the kind of diy mod I'm looking for, have you any photos of the box you built by any chance?

    kaydeezee Well-Known Member

    From what I've been reading on a few well knows forums ' you need a chiller that's overkill almost! so that it only takes a few min to correct water temp rather than continously being used but ' ambient temperature will have the massive say in how often the chiller comes ON & the chiller will dictate how long it takes to cool the nutrient solution.

    If I was to buy a chiller that matched my tank size I would probably be told to buy the hc100a model for a 18gal rez by most hydro retailers? it's rated for 50/220litres but' listning/reading other chiller users posts, the hc100a makes a lot of noise and would be running for longer thus bringing down efficiency.

    I'm going to purchase the hc150a that's rated for 50/400 litre tanks and has a flow rate alot higher at 250/1200L/H apparently these run a little quieter due to the increasing size of the cooling performance.
    I found one brand new for £220/$300 so I think this will be the one. I also found a maxi jet1000 water pump for £17/$25

    If the unit is to loud, for the sake if my sanity I would like to see some photos of DIY chiller sound damping like mentioned by phytium hater.
    Phytium hater

    Phytium hater Active Member

    Buy the HC 150A Hailea , they are the best and quietest ,the diy mode was just a plastic container box from smooth little elastic container box , just the size was pretty good that I could push it over the chiller partly, then use what ever method to cut a large hole at the bottom in the middle and from inside out you fit then a for example 125/160 duct fitter witch you connect to a duct maybe 1.5-2 meter where you have inline blower and the you continue with duct again as far as you need....this way the warm air can be directed anywhere + the sound is nearly 0 at that point....the inline fan is a must ,other vise you are blocking the breathing of the chiller and can cause it to overheat...but any inline fan which has a bit of a pull is usually enough since the amount of warm air is not so fast , as long as you get it away from the machine and out of the duct..
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    kaydeezee Well-Known Member

    I'm purchasing my chiller in a couple week time along with a few other parts for a 2x4x6 tent with a 2 plant oxy xL , I'll be running sterile for my first dwc run and want everything there is to make for a perfect as possible crow conditions
    Keep you posted on my setup

    Falcon23 New Member

    Fwiw this chiller idea is maybe $100. .. Can't even hear it running . I made a thread in aeroponics about it... Works great

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