What is the most Euphoric and uplifting strain you have ever tried?

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by pookie123, Jan 30, 2017.


    pookie123 Well-Known Member

    I know it's been asked before I'm sure...
    But I want to know what strain you guys have tried that were the most euphoric and uplifting for you?
    I'm sure most would be sativa leaning, but I would also like to know of some indica based strains that are euphoric and uplifting as I'm looking to make a cross of a powerful sativa with a indica ,So that I can cut down on the long flowering times associated with most strong euphoric sativas such as the various Hazes. It would be fantastic to have a short flowering hybrid that was as potent as a 16 week haze! Thank's !
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    hazes are a different kind of effect, not necessarily more potent. if you want a haze grow a haze.
    LSD stick in my mind, find the little bud pheno, the one that smells like candy, she's very trippy.

    ghost train haze is the most "potent" I've every grown/sampled. too much for me, no flowering time savings though.
    Daybreaker is an uppity hit, quicker flower/chem hybrid

    pookie123 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm actually gonna pic up a ghost train haze cross tomorrow . Hopefully. Funny you mentioned it as I'm going to get it.
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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    I had one pheno out of like 4 critical jack herer by delicious seeds that was best high I've had in a long time, possibly ever. Unfortunately I didn't clone her but she tasted like berry flavored hard candy and the high was up lifting, anti anxiety and there wasn't much of a burn out factor with it. Super nice.

    That one was a freebie so I tried running a few more but they had the spicey jack herer flavor that I don't like. I still will get another 5 or 10 pack because I'd like to find that pheno again if possible.
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    pookie123 Well-Known Member

    I have some Lemon Jack from "Kief sweat" that I have yet to crack. It is Jack Herer X lemon nepal. Should be good.
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    pookie123 Well-Known Member

    Well, so much for getting many responses.... Thank's to the 2 guy's that did respond though.
    blue pyro

    blue pyro Active Member

    Don't get down hearted pookie. Lsd may be up your ally, and jillybean was uplifting for me and the wife. It was as if problems melted away and I couldn't get irritated even at the things that push my buttons the most. My creativity also went through the roof. After about .75g on 4 heads I was able to solve a problem that I had been stuck on for almost a year. I generally look for stoned/sedation stains but this was uplifting enough for me that after 2 years I remembered and responded to your thread. Its great if that's something your looking for.

    pookie123 Well-Known Member

    Thank's for the suggestion pyro.
    blue pyro

    blue pyro Active Member

    No problem. Also sour diesel #2 is supposed to be pretty euphoric, I got 3 of these vegging while my autos finish up. Are you in a med state? My state will probably be one of the last to be legalized so any experience I earn is pretty much bought experience. Any way what strains have you tried my wife would love for me to add some more variety to my line up lol
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    pookie123 Well-Known Member

    We just legalized for medical this last election but they still have to iron everything out and it does not look good for now as there is no grow your own and they are only gonna let like 7 big money corps run grow ops. Corporate big money scam. I have yet to try many strains do to the legal situation. I have a few to try soon a lot of stardog crosses from Greenpoint seeds. If you want good genetics for cheap check them out as they have sales and auctions fairly often and you can get seeds cheap. They actually have an auction going on right now and the pack's will reduce by 5% every hour till it hits a base price but the last few days you can pick up a pack of seeds for between $22-25 which is a good deal .
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    blue pyro

    blue pyro Active Member

    Damn that is a good deal. I will definitely check them out. Just legalized it huh? A state close to me just did that this year. I agree it's a big money scam.... But in my state we can't even email/write our legislators about advocacy without fear of persecution unless we go to a meeting at the capital held once or twice a year and only at the meeting can we address the issue. Last I heard we were quietly battling that idiotic aproach but I already know first hand that it's a pita. Seems anything our local government doesn't like ends up like this. We spent 6 years battling legislation as mentioned to prevent them from taking our gamefowl.
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    Psyphish Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if it counts as euphoria, but HSO Green Crack had me melt into a giggling drooling puddle where everything felt soft and warm. One of the most comfortable highs I've experienced, but I couldn't leave the appartment after smoking it.
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    pookie123 Well-Known Member

    sound's like a good strain to try. I do have a "Lemon Jack" Jack herer cross that came from HSO I have yet to try.

    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    LSD for the win, that's what I would go with!
    blue pyro

    blue pyro Active Member

    I agree there. With the Lemon Jack as a second choice (i personally love hso products for the most part) and for a 3rd maybe an amnesia or amnesia haze cross. I would say a rhino cross but it's only euphoric for 30 to 45 min then it's straight narcotic/stone. At least for me.
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    danky supreme

    danky supreme Well-Known Member

    I have depression and euphoria is the #1 trait that I look for in cannabis. The Temple Flo cut the circulates Colorado is the most euphoric strain that I have ever run across(except maybe my JonesBerry but that is my own cross). Colorado Flo is clone only but it is pretty easy to find someone who will part with a cutting. Otherwise if you are looking at something from seed I know Kirkwood OG is a good euphoric strain.
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    pookie123 Well-Known Member

    Actually I'm fixing to buy some temple Flo X stardawg from greenpoint seeds they were on sale reverse auction last night they got down to $19.22 for a pack.
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    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I was scrolling down the new posts list and just saw "what's the most euphoric"....

    I immediately had to answer with a handful of Xanax and a steady stream of coke to stay conscious
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    Thefarmer12 Well-Known Member

    I've seen a lot of Jack related answers for good reason.

    Triple cherry diesel from sin city seeds is the most euphoric strain I've ever had and I've grown awhile and smoked even longer.. The father in the cross is Karmas Sour Jack and that is the source of the high. Pretty well distributed trough phenotypes.

    Very giggly, clear and uplifting. Not sure if these are available still but karma has many sour jack crosses as well as sin city.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    stardawgs, all of them, are off the charts! tres is winning

    I forgot about jilly bean, she was trippy good, little to heart throb for me but very interesting.
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