what insect is this? pictures attached

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    I found 3 pests today in my runoff pans

    I've identified one from another post I found in this forum which is definitely spring tails (I did not attach the spring tail pics) but I cant tell for sure what this other insect is

    At first I thought they might be root aphids which I've had in the past but they were much bigger before. Maybe this is just a young colony? Also I should note I haven't seen a single flyer yet, sticky traps have nothing on them and my vinegar traps are also empty. I'm not yet seeing any deficiencies in the foliage either

    In one of these attached pictures you can see 4 of the same insect then a 5th insect that is structured differently

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    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    Fortunately since you found them in your runoff, instead of on leaves, you can pretty safely assume they are helpful soil mites, instead of herbivorous spider mites.
    Should be sweet.
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    dmaxcmh New Member

    Interesting! I've read of soil mites once or twice. What about the outlier that's in the middle of the 4 mites? he moves much faster than the "mites" do. I'll try to get more pictuers
    Colo MMJ

    Colo MMJ Well-Known Member

    Spider mites usually have a dark spot on each side of their body. Ugly MF'ers.
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