What if you found out your purpose in life was meaningless?

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    But when these people are hateful vampires, 8 billion of them, you can't fight that army.
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    I stay human, don't I? That's my job. Discern when to fight and when to bend like a blade of grass in a hurricane. I don't think I'd want to live if I believed that I had no power, but I do believe I have power or energy, which I have to cultivate daily, just like my cannabis plants. Cannabis helps me to see who's who, so I can figure out how to use my power as opposed to allowing myself to be drained (of blood or energy.....)
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    well this thread went to hell, time to quit watching it
    Mr Blamo

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    Everyone has a purpose imo.
    Mine was looking after ill family members till they past.
    I have buried all my immediate family. I'm the last one.
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    Bye roger; hope you find a fun thread.

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    So do you think you still have a purpose? What happens when your purpose has passed? You brought up an interesting qeustion
    Mr Blamo

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    You enjoy life is what you do.Knowing you did what you were put here to do.
    Some people put sick loved ones in a home. Some in hospitals.
    My immediate family members did not want to die in a retirement home or hospitals.
    I respected that from them. I did what I had to do. Gave up my life for them even though I knew it was a losing battle.
    I have no regrets, its because I did what they all asked.
    I stayed strong.
    Was the hardest thing in life I have done.

    Did pot help me to go through all the sadness.
    It sure did.

    I do have some sadness still, holidays are hard and birthdays etc.
    But inside I know what I did for my loved ones is why I have no regret.

    So that was my purpose in life. Now I enjoy life the best I can.
    Your life isn't over after you find your purpose and complete.
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    Drowning-Man Well-Known Member

    After smoking DMT hundreds of times I lost all hope for this life and the future. Ignorance truly is bliss.
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